Weekend Update

This weekend was a bit of a blur, but in a totally good way!

Friday MG got back into town from his work trip and I stealthily suggested that we go to my favorite sushi place for dinner. Lucky for me, he bit!
(We also discovered that MG's road bike was stolen sometime during the week that he was gone. Since I never knew/paid attention to where he chained it up, I didn't notice until he got back into town and noticed it himself. Total bummer since he loves to bike, and that bike was over $1500. It was even chained up, too, inside of our building, so someone had to have come in, with cutters, and taken it. Total suckage)

That night my friend Kelly came over for wine and a hangout sesh while MG and his friends went out for the night. The night was full of rehashing the recent wedding drama, watching Say Yes to the Dress on tv, along with some other reality tv shows and more gossiping! :)

Saturday morning, after MG made me a super yum breakfast, I saw that the site I wanted to order our wedding invitations on was having a 25% off sale, so I took the bull by the horns, and spent a good majority of the morning inputing all of our information and making modifications to everything. And then....we hit order!

So, now our wedding invitations, RSVP cards and enclosure cards are all being processed and should be arriving in the next 2-3 weeks! We also saved about $200 something by ordering during the 25% off, which makes our wallets happy (well...happier). It felt kinda strange to order them before our Save the Dates, buuuut, so be it!
Here's a preview from the website:
{via} Love that it fits our purple/silver theme
After that fun purchase (and checking that item off of my to-do list) I got ready for P!nky's bridal shower!
It was tons of fun--her sisters and her mom did a great job. My favorite part was the Chubby Bunny question game haha. I wish I had pics of that, but I'm sure P!nky's glad that I don't! (check our her blog tho, cuz there ARE pics there! hahah). Everyone got their own wine/minosa cup with their initials on it--and I thought it was SUPER sweet and cute of the ladies to put my soon-to-be new last name initial on mine (admittedly, it looked SO weird to me tho, since I'm not the one getting married in less than 50 days haha). 
The food, the games, and the people were a blast--A+ on the bridal shower, ladies! :)
I did steal a pic from P!nky's post today since I was too busy having fun at her shower to actually take pictures:
me and the beautiful bride-to-be
That night MG and I went to dinner in the little village area by our condo and had a delicious dinner followed by a "dessert" of a key lime martini. YUM!

Sunday our complex was having a BBQ at the pool, so we got our suits on, grabbed some food and headed over to bake in the sun. It's been so hot around here for the past week that the water wasn't shockingly cold when you got in, so being in the pool felt SO good. Kindle time, hanging with my dude, and a little bit of pool and sun was the perfect Sunday afternoon activity.

And then we continued to watch Season 2 of Scandal.....perhaps after a stop at Chipotle (Lord help me this week, get back on track with eating right haha). We only have 6 episodes left and NOW I see why everyone says this show is so good. I'm finally on that bandwagon!

And now it's back to another week of summer school. Luckily only 9 more days and then I can REALLY enjoy my summer!

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  1. Love the dress you wore to the shower
    And yay for invites and the saving!

  2. Love your invites - very simple and classy! So sorry about the fiance's bike though. Not the surprise you want to come home to after travelling :(

  3. The invites are perfect! And yes, yes, yes to the Scandal bandwagon. I wasn't that interested in it, but then I watched the first episode and got totally sucked in. Can't wait for the new season this fall!

  4. love your shower dress and the invites are super cute!

  5. so much goodness here...except about MG's bike. that super sucks...although...a new bike would probably make and AWESOME groom gift from you to him. OR you guys can put it on your registry and see if anyone bites.

  6. Always nice to check something off your to-do list!

  7. Love those invites!! Totally sucks about his bike though. :(

  8. I'm so jealous you got to be there for her! Your dress is gorgeous, and I love you both!


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