WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's hump day and you know what that means....

I'm loving that my bestie is coming into town this Friday!!!!

I'm loving that this Saturday I'm going to try on wedding dresses with my mom and my 3 friends/bridesmaids (MG's sisters and mom couldn't make it down, unfortunately.) I feel like this will finally make it feel totally "real"!!!

I'm loving that MG is supportive--we've been dealing with more nonsense from his 'friends' about the wedding recently and I'm glad that he's realistic about the situation, and that we're on the same page.

I'm loving caring less. That might sound strange, but I'm learning how to let go of things and people that aren't worth my time, and it feels good!

I'm loving this shirt, (and would love to have it) so I could wear it around certain people:
I'm loving that it's not so crazy hot this week--it's still hot, yes, but I'm not having to drive around with my AC cranked all the way up and the temp down to 65 anymore. THAT is an improvement.

I'm loving that I only have 7 more days of summer school after today. And only one more "session" with the kid who grabbed my arm, slapped me on the face and pulled my hair on Monday. (Whoever said teachers get paid enough, is sorely mistaken)

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest. This week I've been pinning...
Love this dress: the color, the belt, the length. Everything!
Wet bar, coffee bar and microwave all in one small area.
Sundried Tomato Pesto Pasta with Spinach and Blackened Chicken
Yes, please!
And would mean I'd spend even MORE money at Target,
as if that was even possible!
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  1. Hoping all the ridiculous drama from MG's friends goes away soon. Those people need to just get over it and move on. Good Lord. (And love that shirt, lol!)

    Can't wait to hear how the dress shopping goes. Hoping you find 'the' dress - you will absolutely know it when you see it:)

    PS: Can I just have that adorable puppy in the pjs, please? Oh, and a bar in Target? I would never leave!

  2. haha not only did I take your target/bar pin but I posted in my blog today. LOL. <3 you! and now I see the answer to the question I just asked you on gchat.

  3. yayy for wedding dress shopping! And for caring less, sometimes thats all you need :) Have a fun time with family and friends!

  4. Caring less is crucial during wedding planning! Especially when there are ridiculous people around... I can't believe that is STILL going on!


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