Labor Day Weekend Recap

Labor Day weekend is now officially over which means....

today is the first day of school for my county's kiddos! Right now it's getting ready for the influx of new students, new grades, etc.

Thankfully that's happening after a fun, productive, and somewhat relaxing long weekend!

MG and I had been planning to go up to Philly for the long weekend to see his family, but one of his friends was having her 30th birthday and we wanted to go and show support for her, so we nixed the Philly trip. Friday night we went to my favorite sushi place for dinner, stopped for some ice cream afterwards and enjoyed the weather outside before heading home to watch the Great Gatsby. I thought it was pretty bad...especially the beginning. I kept watching it and thinking that it was a joke. As the movie went on it was a bit better, but I liked the book better.

Saturday MG and I made an impromptu decision to buy a tv stand for our living room. The one MG had was given to him from his parents and was glass and metal, and MASSIVELY bulky. I'd been trying to persuade him to see the merits of a smaller tv stand (esp if we wall mount our tv which we're planning on doing eventually). It was on sale and Saturday was the last day of the sale, so we bought it! Neither of us had the energy to put it together tho haha.

That night we had a couple friend over for drinks and pizza before we went into Georgetown for the birthday celebrations. Upon arriving in Georgetown, I was immediately snubbed by "bridezilla" surprise there. And then continued on with our night. It was fun, but every time I'm around that group (when bridezilla is there), I just don't feel comfortable. And mixed with a little bit of alcohol, it's just never a good situation for me. So, we left relatively early.

Sunday we decided to finally get going on our registry. We headed to Macy's, heard their whole thing about our benefits, etc and received our scan gun! The packet of information we got, even came in our wedding colors (purple and silver)! Registering was a lot of fun, but MAN was it exhausting! It's kind of difficult to think about everything that you could possibly need/want all at one time. We added a lot of great things to our registry, though, so hopefully that goes well in the long run.
it doesn't look like much in the pic, but it's a nice piece

When we got home, MG decided to tackle building the tv stand. I helped in the beginning, but found myself much more useful adding things to our registry online :) MG did a great job building the new stand and then transferring everything to the new one. We put the old stand up on Craigslist and made almost half the money back that we'd spent on the new stand! Win! The new stand has opened up our living room SO much! I can't wait til the tv is mounted to the wall....the stand will be the perfect place to display our wedding photos! :)

That night, another couple friend asked us to go to the movies. We grabbed a drink and some wings with them beforehand, but when we got to the movie, there were no seats left other than the front row. So, we went to a nearby bar, had another drink and some more app's and talked and laughed. It was a nice end to the night.

And yesterday was spent doing our regular Sunday errands: groceries, etc. I had an oil change that ended up costing me more $$ than I thought because my brake pads needed to be replaced. Womp womp. The sad thing is, I'm pretty much used to bleeding money now. It stinks! We made arrangements for our engagement photo session, which Im really excited for, and we have a cake appointment set up, too! Gotta get those things checked off the list!! :)

And now, myself and the other teachers eagerly await our new school year of kiddos! Hope your short week is off to a good start!


  1. wow sounds like a fun and productive weekend! Minus bridezilla. ew. hate her. LOL

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! I'm tired just by reading all this!

  3. Wow, sounds like a productive weekend. Very cool!

  4. Yay for a new school year! Enjoy your first week back with the kiddos!:)


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