5 on Friday

I feel like I say this a lot of weeks, but this week felt long. On Tuesday it felt like Thursday to me, so you can only imagine how the rest of the week felt....Draggy.
I'm glad it's Friday...so let's do some 5 on Friday, shall we?

{1}-Philly (again)
MG and I are planning to head up to Philly this weekend. We were just there, but that was when there wasn't an adorable, brand new puppy there to see and snuggle (Cooper, try not to be too jealous!). Since it's a long weekend for us (well, MG is still on furlough so every day is a weekend for him... lucky bastard), we can head up early Saturday morning and get some quality time in with the fam....and the puppy. Since the last time we were there, a lot of it was centered around MG and his dad doing the MS bike ride, we'll get some more time with the kids, too. (Altho, realistically, we'll also probably play second fiddle to the puppy...oh well).
It's been raining since Wednesday mid-morning here in the DC area. Monday was a horrible downpour (of course that was the one day that I had a meeting elsewhere so I got caught in it), and there is no end in sight until Sunday. Phooey! I even looked at the forecast for Philly, hoping it would be less rainy, and it's not. Double phooey! I don't mind a day or two of rain, but when it rains so hard, it screws up traffic and the roads. Driving to work yesterday morning on the Parkway I hydro-planed about 5 times. SCARY when there are two lanes and the only thing separating you from oncoming traffic is NOTHING.

{3}-Save the Dates
They are OUT! I've heard from so many people that they are getting them in the mail. I love getting texts/messages from people, telling me they got them--it shows me how excited they are for our wedding day, too. MG's mom texted us yesterday and said "Just got invite to this adorable couple's wedding....Did have a few tears realizing that this is really really happening and my heart is so full of joy"....love my soon-to-be Mother in Law!
Here's a sneak peek (without the personal info that's on the bottom, sorry)...what do you think? They are magnets, so this is what is hanging on everyone's fridge:
this is a photo of the magnet, so it's not as clear as it really is
but you get the idea :)
{4}-Lunch Date
Yesterday MG drove all the way down to my work to have lunch with me. He asked me ahead of time what I wanted and I put in a request for a sandwich from my favorite deli close to my school. It was nice to have lunch with him during the work day--gave me something to look forward to, and to brighten up the otherwise rainy and dreary day. It's the little things....

Damn you. Sending out all of these tempting deals and sales in email. And right after I swore I wasn't doing any online shopping this month if I could help it. You're like a bad boyfriend--you know when I've sworn you off, and you come back to lure me back in. Well done, Loft. I just hope the 4 pairs of pants I bought (at 50% off, thank you) all fit, otherwise they are going back to the store pronto, and then I swear, no more online shopping this month!....I hope? 
Happy Friday and happy loooooong weekend! :)


  1. Loft always gets me too! Their emails are just so tempting!! Enjoyed reading your post, and I love your save the dates! xo - Morgan @ Makeshift Margaritas

  2. Oh the LOFT...I try not to even open up their emails anymore because I am just like you. The perk is that they are almost always having a sale :)

  3. your save the dates are adorable! what a lovely picture!!!! and i remember what a day maker it is to have the honey come into work at lunch. school workers don't always get the luxury of dining with our loves!! i know it was a fun little treat. yay!


  4. Love your save the dates! And magnets are so awesome. I'm sure you're enjoying these days with him not working while you can! I kind of miss the time that Donny wasn't working some days myself. Lol

  5. Love your future MIL's reaction, so sweet! So awesome that you have such a great relationship with her!
    And yes, I'm anxiously awaiting my Loft package! Yay!

  6. i see you and mg's face every morning/noon and night whenever i open and close my fridge :).

    have a great time in philly

  7. Yay for save the dates! I always love getting them in the mail too. I used to work at LOFT, I can't even look at the store now without wanting to die. So overpriced haha

  8. So glad you chose that pic for the Save the Dates. Love that one! Happy weekend, Jenn!

  9. I just realized you live in Virginia, so you must be close by. I agree, the rain here was HORRIBLE this week/weekend! I unfortunately even had to cancel fun weekend plans. Hopefully the weather is much better next weekend for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

    I also agree that Loft is super deadly to the wallet. It did not help that they even emailed that their location at the mall re-opened. Just don't ever go to the outlets, unless you want to walk out with nothing left in your bank account!

    -Christina Theresa

  10. Ah-dorables STDs! Now that's not something that's said too often ;) Hope you guys are having a good long weekend!

  11. Hope you had a fun weekend! I love your save the dates! :)

  12. Your save the dates are super cute!! I guess I will take the snow we had over rain, but I may not say that come winters end, haha.

  13. Your save the dates are so cute! I guess, I'll take the snow over rain, but don't ask me that come winter's end, haha.


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