Cute-day Tuesday

Sometimes you just need a dose of cuteness to make it through the beginning part of the week. That's definitely the case for me this week--it already feels like it should be Thursday but it's only Tuesday. Wah.

I know what usually helps me feel better and puts a smile on my face....things that are cute, and make me go "awww," so I figured if I'm struggling this week, there are probably a few others of you out there who are struggling, too.

Without further ado....prepare for cuteness:
So. Stinking. Cute!
little bun bun!
If I have a daughter one day...this is happening :)
Certainly doesn't help the touch of baby fever
from the weekend....

All of these were from Pinterest....Follow Me on Pinterest

Now if cute animals, and kids dressed like animals (or cute monsters) doesn't help set your day right, I can't help you. At least not until around 5pm when Happy Hour starts :)

Hope that helped get a smile on your face!


  1. I so needed this dose of cuteness today! Thanks for sharing sweet little things that totally made me smile. :) And I hope your week gets better!

  2. uh oh baby fever!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    lil baby bunny too cute.

  3. too stinking cute!!! love the bunny and little monster costume <3

  4. Omg that tiny bunny!!! These made me smile! :)

  5. Stooooop it. That is the CUTEST Halloween costume! Love!
    These really are the cutest!

  6. I love the penguin. These are all adorable!

  7. couldn't stop smiling through this whole post!!!! thanks for that, girlie!
    {cheers y'all}

  8. It is impossible to not "aaaaawwww" at this post!


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