Worst Date Ever and a LinkedIn Request

Did my title intrigue you? Confuse you? It's ok, you'll shortly understand.

I'm going to tell you about the worst date I ever had in the history of ever. Loaded statement eh? Just wait. I was in grad school, about 24 years old (maybe 23) and had been messaged by a guy who was kinda cute on a dating site I was on at the time. He was a Florida State alum, and his name was Art--I was not fond of the name, but he seemed nice so after talking for a bit, we decided to meet up in Adams Morgan and go to a kickball bar crawl.

We met up and he was cute like in his pictures. We may have grabbed some food (I can't recall) and then headed over to the bar crawl, but before we got there, he told me a name I was supposed to use so that we could get into the kickball party because it wasn't ACTUALLY his team. Uhh...shady right? Red flag number one.
 I went along with it though (cuz I was an idiot apparently) and we had a good time. We made it to several different places and then ended up at a "mansion party" (in DC there are several "mansion" town houses that super wealthy people have). At this point, Art had been participating in the alcohol consumption heavily. Actually, beyond heavily.  
After being at this mansion party for a bit, I wanted to go outside because it was super hot in this house.

We went outside to sit on the stoop in front of the house and take in some fresh air. He apparently thought this was a great time to maul me. Like smash into my face attempts to kiss me, and then putting his hand on my thigh and trying to move it higher...you know what I mean. I told him no and pushed him away. He tried over and over, and eventually I got up and said I wanted to go.

He started walking beside me and was seemingly not happy about my lack of willingness to be mauled. He yelled at me, said he was leaving, and then walked away in the opposite direction. At this point I wasn't sure which direction the metro station was to get home, and I began to panic. Luckily there was a cop on the corner of the block we were on so I asked him for directions. Art must have seen this and decided to come back to talk to me (oh joy). I told him I was going to the metro and to leave me alone. He was SO drunk, there was no reasoning with him. He kept grabbing my hand and trying to pull me in to kiss him and I would push away and keep walking towards the metro, dragging him as he stumbled down the street since he wouldn't let go of me. I knew once we got there, he had to go on another train and this would finally be over.

Eventually we made it to the metro station and we each went our own ways. Thank goodness!! The next morning I got a message from him that was something like "hey, when do you wanna hang out again?" So non-chalant, like nothing had happened! I responded and told him I wasn't interested in hanging out with him as his behavior on our FIRST date was a HUGE red flag and I didn't want to see what another date would entail. Only THEN did he apologize and said that it was out of his character, totally not like him, and to give him another chance. I decided no response was the best way to proceed.

Cut to now 6 or 7 years later, and I wake up on a Monday morning to find a LinkedIn request. From Art.
What. The. Hell?
I've never spoken to this guy again after we went on that HORRIFIC date, never seen him, don't have any friends/people in common. And he reaches out to me on LinkedIn?? Not to mention he's back in Florida.

No. Just....I can't.
I had totally blocked out forgotten about that horrid date, and seeing his face on that request just brought it ALL flooding back. Ugh. And I'm pretty sure the picture on his LinkedIn is the same one he had from 6 or 7 years ago.
I remember I took a LONG break from on-line dating after that experience. Luckily MG was the antithesis of that date!

Anyone else have a horror date story to share? Did they ever contact you again?


  1. I don't have any horrible dates to share, but I TOTALLY remember your report of this date when we were in grad school! I cannot believe he had the guts to contact you again..even if it was through linked in. What a nut job! Love you girl:)

    1. Yep...it was awful!! I had totally forgotten about it until the LinkedIn request. Weirdos!
      Love you, too girl!!

  2. Gross - delete that request for sure! Art, schmart. Yuck. Some guys just have no clue. Glad you tried the online thing again after that though, because look what it brought you - MG!!! Yay!:)

  3. This made my day. I have totally had that happen, as in date after bad date and guys blows you off, you find someone new and suddenly he has ALL the time in the world for me.... yeah cause I need another "friend" in my life. lol oh men!

  4. This is so crazy! I can't believe he had the balls to request you after all of that!

  5. omg what a horrible date... wasted guys are the WORST!

  6. That sounds horrible but makes for a good story/blog post. Got to love online dating. Ya never know what you'll get.

  7. Hahahahaha!! What a weirdo. I wonder what it is about linkedin, but I get requests from the most random people. Like clients who I represented five years ago. CRIMINAL clients! Lol


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