5 on Friday

Which means that there's only 2 more weeks of work before my Winter Break! Thanksgiving break was a bit of a tease, and all of my teacher friends and myself are ready to enjoy some real family and relaxation time. (And then, oh em gee, it's the real countdown before the wedding!!)

But, for now, let's focus and do some 5 on Friday!

{1}- Best Discovery
Ok, maybe it's not THE best, but it's pretty awesome. I discovered this week that mtv.com has all episodes of Laguna Beach, starting from Season 1 online. I can watch full episodes to my heart's content, and travel back to the time that I could relate to these teens. Ahh, good times! (I could do without the online commercial breaks, though...)

{2}- Xmas presents....to myself
Yep, just like last year, I've had NO problem buying myself some gifts during all of the Cyber Monday deals (and some before), although I went a LOT less crazy this year than I did last year (my credit card thanks me). My favorites are some Loft purchases (were you surprised??), and my new purse from Target (only $34.99)! Meanwhile, I'm at a loss as to what to get for my parents. Total, complete loss. Wah.

I'm getting a massage tomorrow for the first time in about 4 months. That may not sound like long, but I have a Massage Envy membership which means that I haven't used it in 4 months. Which also means that I plan on scheduling another massage in 2 weeks, and maybe another one 2 weeks after that. I've got some work-stress knots to work out for sure--I feel bad for whoever my massage therapist is on Saturday (but not THAT bad...hehe). Looking forward to feeling like Jell-o!

Over the weekend, MG's dad gave us his Xbox360 (he's upgrading to the Xbox 1) so now we have a Kinect and I wasted no time in ordering Zumba for it. It should be here today and I'm excited to try it out and hopefully have another way to get a workout in, have fun, and get in shape for the wedding. Has anyone done the Zumba with Kinect? Thoughts?

{5}-Little Bit of Holiday Cheer

If this doesn't melt a Grinchy little heart, than I don't know what will. Every time I see these types of pics, they make me smile. 

Watching the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center and then part of the SNL Christmas special definitely got me even more in the mood for Christmas! The little village near our place is complete with lights in the trees and it just makes for a more festive feel.  And within the next couple of days it is DEFINITELY going to start feelings like Winter with temps in the low 30's (which is a change after having 64 the other day). Nevertheless, I'm excited for Christmas! :)

And now I get to make it through another work day, and then meet with my wedding coordinator at the reception site to pick out linens. Thanks for all of your opinions and input on Wednesday! Hopefully once I get there and see the selection, it will be an easy decision!
Catch ya on Monday!


  1. A good five! Let me know how that Zumba is. My mom has one for her wii. Yeah for winter break!

  2. I was a good girl and stayed away from all Cyber monday deals. Glad you were able to find a new purse you love, I know you've been looking for one.

    Yay massage and wedding fun :)!

  3. Good luck with finalizing your linen options! I know whatever you choose will look great!:) I finally buckled down and purchased a photo canvas deal through Groupon that I plan to use for a gift to my parents this year - with a big picture of Caleb on it, of course:) I was grasping at straws trying to think of something to get them, so I feel your pain!!!

    Thanks for sharing some holiday cheer today, sweet girl! Have a great weekend!

  4. I have the same problem during cyber monday... when I see a good sale, I have a hard time giving it up! Thanks for the heads up on Laguna Beach! Love some LC and Kristen drama!

  5. Yay! I'm not the only teacher counting the days! 10...9....8.. haha!

  6. We have Zumba, but I need to actually try it! I took the class on post and wasn't really a fan, but I feel like I could get a better work out if I could pick the dance I want/need versus just doing what the teacher decides. I had to stop myself from purchasing anything lately, because then know one knows what to buy me!


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