Our Christmas Dinner Tradition

Merry Christmas Eve!

I'm coming at you after the best night ever! MG and I had our annual Christmas dinner at Old Ebbitt in DC, and lucky for us, the rain held out, too!

We drove into the city, listening to Christmas music in the car, enjoying the monuments and other DC-esque things :)

When we first got to the restaurant, we were seated next to the busboy station, and our waiter was kind of not great (it took over 20 minutes and we still hadn't had our drink orders taken). We hung in there until one of the busboys purposely dumped water from his drink tray onto the carpet in front of the busboy station, which splashed onto my feet. Gross. MG got our table moved, and from that point on we had a great table, with a wonderful server. The night was saved!!

The restaurant had my favorite wine on their list, which made me SUPER happy! A great start to the meal to come :)

MG and I rarely do appetizers or dessert, but this meal is special. We started out with 6 oysters to share between us and they were fantastic!

Next up we had our main courses, which were yummy as always. I snuck a few bites off of MG's plate, too :)

And then we had dessert of creme brulee, with a cup of coffee and two Grand Marniers. This is our choice every year and it's SO yummy!

We took our time enjoying everything and it was a perfect night!

After dinner, since the weather was nice (chilly, but no rain!), we put on our coats and walked over to see the National Christmas tree and all of the little state trees around it.
inside Old Ebbitt
The National Christmas tree was SUPER pretty this year!
This year was such a nice celebration. I love that we've got this tradition, and I look forward to the Christmas dinners to come!

I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful man to share holidays and every day life things with. This year we're engaged, next year we'll be married, and who knows what will be going on after that! But, I'm really excited and I'm so happy that he'll be the one by my side through it all.
We got home to find that our ottoman had been delivered, so we put it all together and now our living room is complete! (And Cooper has found a space that he likes to lay on...ottoman, or dog bed? haha)

Merry Christmas Eve to you, your family and your friends!
Wishing you nothing but happiness this holiday!


  1. Glad you enjoyed a fun evening! Traditions with those we love are pretty special!

  2. I'm glad the night was saved. LOVE the ottoman. it's a nice touch.


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