Product Review: Keysocks (Last Minute Xmas gift idea!!)

*this review is based solely on my own experience with this product, purchased by myself with my own money. I was not given anything in exchange for this review*

Have you seen these funny looking socks on Pinterest? 
They're called Keysocks, and I had seen them a while back, pinned them, and then kind of forgot about them, until I saw them again when I was perusing Pinterest. They were on someone's blog as a review, so I read it, and because the review was such a raving one, I decided to bite the bullet and try out a pair. One pair is $11.95.

Well, when I went to the site, there was a deal that if you bought 3, you got a 4th one for free (a pack of 4 for $35.85 and FREE SHIPPING). Since I'm participating in a Secret Santa with MG's family, and I have one of his sister's for my person, I thought this could be a cute and practical gift if they turned out nice (along with something else, of course, because socks aren't really a fun gift). So I got a 4 pack (2 black and 2 nude; but you can get any combination you want practically).

Ladies, let me tell you, these socks are awesome! I hate wearing flats in the winter because my feet get so cold. And I have the little footy things that are made out of pantyhose material, but those only help your shoes not stink--they don't do anything for warmth. And, let's be honest, when they peak out of your shoe, they look hideous.
Left: shoes, wearing the nude keysocks; Right: shoes, wearing the black keysocks
Keysocks DON'T show in any flat that I have worn them with, and your toes/feet feel WARM. Also, they go up the length of your calf, so your legs get a little extra layer of warmth during the cold season, too (I realized this when I wasn't wearing them last night and my legs were cold in just jeans). They aren't too tight or too loose-they fit perfectly. They also have sizes for thicker calves as well.

I'm totally in love with them, and now I kind of don't want to give one of my pairs away, BUT I will because an awesome find makes an awesome gift. I highly recommend you getting at least one pair to try out....I'm SUPER glad I got the 4 pack, so I can do away with those stupid footy pantyhose thingies, wear cute flats, and have warm feet! Win-win-win!!!

One of my coworkers actually noticed them when I was sitting in a meeting with her (you can see them when your pant legs go up a little bit when you're wearing skinny jeans and you're sitting) and said she'd never seen socks like that, and then asked me where she could get them because she hates the panty hose ones, too!

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer (ha...get it...stockings? socks? Ok, I'll stop...), go get  a pair or set of these! I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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  1. umm those will be coming home with me....

  2. totally getting a pair!!! totally!

  3. I wear flats almost every day to work but hate that my feet get cold in the winter! These are the perfect solution!

  4. They look so funny - but sound completely amazing! :) I am literally sitting here reading this post and wishing I had them right now. I'm wearing flats and my feet are freezing. I think these are a 'must try!'

  5. I agree with Jessica, they look soooooo weird, but sounds like they do the job :)! Glad you like them and I'm sure your secret santa will too ;)!.

  6. haha I have not seen these, but def need to get some! they seem like they would be awesome! : )

  7. I've been WANTING these!! So cool!


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