Real Love

It's the day after Christmas...hopefully you're 'drunk' on the love and fun of the holiday!

I wanted to share something today that, when I saw it, hit me so hard, and made me re-evaluate every trivial thing running around inside of my brain.
During the season of selfless giving, this is perfect.

You may have seen this story on the news or floating around on Facebook, but if you haven't, you HAVE to watch the video.
Grab some tissues. 

Here is the original post with the video attached

What an amazing woman...dealing with so much, and still thinking about others, even ones she had not met yet. The epitome of selfless love.

I hope your heart is filled with joy. :)

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  1. I tried holding off on watching this because I am just so emotional around the holidays. You are so right, selfless love! Around this time of year it's always so special to remember who is around the tree with you instead of what is under it!


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