Wedding Wednesday: table linens (opinions wanted!)

Sounds boring, right? It kind of is, but I'm trying to decide on what kind/color table cloth that I want to use for our tables at the reception.

Our colors are purple and silver/gray....

Our reception is going to be in the ballroom at a Marriott. This is the general look of it during the daytime with lights on (the balloons were for a prom, so disregard them).
We're using the ugly yellow chairs, which I've been told over and over again will kind of disappear when the lights go down. Fingers crossed.

We are also going to have purple uplights around the room to add to the ambiance, kind of like this, only more purple:

This week I'm meeting with our coordinator at the hotel to pick out the table linens. I'm not sure how extensive my choices will be for the linens, but I DO know that we are using silver chargers on the table. Right now I'm debating what to choose for the tablecloths. Our flower centerpieces are primarily going to be purple flowers, and with the purple uplights around the room I was thinking of doing a gray/silver table linen instead of a purple one, which I think might clash with the yellow chairs and kind of get lost with all of the other purple stuff going on. Here's an example of a purple table with silver chargers (our centerpieces will be low, though):

And here are some examples of the silver with maybe a purple napkin and purple centerpieces:
And then there's the option of just doing a plain white table cloth, with the silver chargers...(and not the big diamonds on the plates like in this pic lol):

I'm just not sure which one will blend things together (a.k.a. distract from the yellow chairs) and look the nicest or make the most complete look. I'm leaning more towards the gray/silver or the white table cloths, but after that, I'm not 100% sure which one to choose.

Opinions are wanted and needed! What do you think will look the best and go together best?


  1. I'm a fan of gray/silver tablecloths with purple napkins!! I agree that the purple tablecloths would be too much purple. I'm just not sure about the white... I mean I know white goes with everything. But I don't think it would be pleasing to the eye with silver chargers and purple flower centerpieces, but that's just me!

  2. I actually kind of like the white! I don't know how I feel about the purple or the silver with the yellow chairs, and you'll have the silver / purple combo going on with the centerpieces and chargers!

  3. That's a tough one! I think the gray/silver would be pretty, but you also really can't go wrong with the white.
    The white will be a nice clean backdrop to base all of your other things on - the silver chargers, the purple napkins and lighting, yellow chairs (which really will end up just being a neutral that fades into the background once the lights are dimmed), etc. Once you get all your candles lit in there, it will be so pretty with all the glassware sparkling. Either one would be great!

  4. FIRST, I PROMISE YOU, the chairs will be nothing. You won't even notice them because you will be so busy celebrating. No one will remember your chairs or the rug, trust me, i couldn't tell you what ours were.

    I think that the silver charger will pop on the white linen and then if you add a purple napkin it won't be too much, but will combine everything together. People will be looking at the centerpiece more anyway.

  5. Gray and silver tablecloths are best. Purple napkins and flowers. I love that idea!

  6. I like the silver table cloths and the silver chargers. You don't want it to feel like purple vomit everywhere. You know? Hopefully the silver table cloths aren't that expensive and you can use those. I think that would look the most classy.

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Great choices! I personally like the silver table cloths, silver chargers and plum napkins. The napkins will tie everything together. I don't think you can go wrong, though! You have beautiful taste! :)

  8. This is a tough one! Im scared the white will look off white or yellowish next to the chairs. I would stick with a deeper color. That purple is GORGEOUS!!! And maybe it will make the chairs look lighter. Think a dark colored lip and how it makes your teeth look whiter! (its scary how i turned that into a beauty reference LOL)

    Best of luck!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  9. I wasn't sure about the silver on silver until I saw that picture. LOVE! I would definitely go with purple napkins, if I went that route. I originally thought purple tablecloths, but with purple flowers, I think that might be a little much...

  10. i like the purple napkin options best with silver table cloth.

  11. I think that the silver linens with purple napkins would be wonderful! Or, would you be able to do black? That might make the silver chargers stand out more!

  12. First choice- plain white. Second choice- silver. Third choice purple.


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