Random Ponderings....

Here are a bunch of random thoughts and ponders that have streamed through my head....(most of which are meant tongue in cheek)... Enjoy!

-in the Macklemore song where he says "What you know 'bout rockin' a wolf on your noggin?"....he actually used the word "noggin" in a rap song. Noggin. Think about that. (And also, I don't know anything about rocking a wolf on my head....nothing.)

-Why do males have nipples? What's their purpose? Ornamental decoration?

-Why do you only crave Chik-Fil-A on a Sunday? I seriously NEVER think about going there on any other day, except Sundays, when I can't have it.

-a downfall about snow is that you can see exactly what your dog has been sniffing at all those other times that he's sniffing at the ground....

-why do people make status updates on Facebook during football games? I'm not talking about after a win, a celebratory post or a little "go team" action....I'm talking about multiple, during the game updates. If I wanted to know the play-by-play, I would be watching the game. Also, you're talking to Facebook as if you're talking to the game....the game can't hear your status updates. #sorrytobreakittoyou

-why does pizza taste so good? and why the heck isn't it good for you?

-why does God laugh when I make plans? Me and my Type A, planner personality just can't handle it sometimes :) (this is totally meant in a funny way and not a serious one)

-despite knowing how horrible reality tv is, why am I still entertained by it (well, several shows anyway...not ALL of them)? Anyone watch Vanderpump this week? Holy moly...

Now that you got a glimpse into my thoughts, I hope you're not running away screaming :)
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Bahaha. You're hilarious.

    And Vanderpump. I cannot wait to watch this week's episode! And there better be a reunion special - like a 6 part special.

  2. This is why I love you. Chick Fila A yup, only Sunday and God is quite the comedian in my life.... a lot.

  3. i knew kristen was a lying skank!!!! it was soooo good. i can't believe tom stayed with her... then again, since they're both cheaters, they should both get checked for std's! ha!

    and now i totally want some chik-fil-a... its not a sunday, but it is a state of emergency in jersey so the mall's probably closed. boo.

  4. I ALWAYS want Chick Fil-A on Sunday too!

  5. Totally agree with the chick fil a comment. Goodness nothing sounds better on Sundays than Chick fil a! annnnnd spyros and my guilty pleasure is rhobh on bravo...and he loves vanderpump rules...need to get caught up on it! haha. xx.

  6. Love this, Jenn! I don't know anything about rocking a wolf on my noggin either. What does that even mean? And male nipples? I don't get it either, lol!!!


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