Shop My Closet: Purses for Sale!!

Since MG and I are getting close to the Wedding Day, we've been trying to save up some cash and also clean out our closets and condo of things we don't need.

I have two purses that I'm selling. I've never used the gray one, and I only used the red Coach purse once. I think I just couldn't resist a sale back when I got it.

The Coach bag was originally $150. It is in perfect condition.
I'm asking $80.

This gray bag is from Target, never used, and was originally purchased for $40. I'm asking $25 for it. It's rather large, and can fit lots of things inside of it.

Shipping costs will be $7 for each item. Less, if both are purchased.
This is a no-smoking environment, so no worries about smoke smells, either.

Let me know if  you have any other questions.
If interested, leave your name and SOLD in the comments section. Make sure you have an email attached to your comments so that I can get in touch with you.


  1. Cute idea! I hope they find happy homes.

    What's next on your shop your closet? Jewelry?! House goods??

  2. Such a great idea when cleaning out the closet, doll! Xx.

  3. Do you still have the coach bag?


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