Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Day I Thought Would Never Come....

Reality tv is wearing thin on me. I'm over some of it.
SOME....not all.
But I never thought this would happen.
Do I know that reality tv isn't real? Yes. Do I know that it's total trash? Yes. Is it still a guilty pleasure of mine? Oh yeah!
But, I'm kind of getting tired of it. There are some shows that I find I just watch when I'm bored. Some of the Real Housewives shows fit into this category. Atlanta I just am sick of the stereotyping. Beverly Hills I'm just not really interested in ANY of the women anymore (and Carlton looks like a scary skeleton to me). New York I gave up last year and then got back into it when I was bored one weekend and MG was out of town....but am pretty sure I won't be very invested in watching this new season.

Back in the day, I used to watch Real World (HS and College) ALL the time. I even wanted to be on the show at one point (didn't we all??) Thank goodness that never happened! I think that was pretty typical--MG even watched it, and he's a Reality tv hater. But, I watched part of this latest season recently because I'd seen the ads that it was the EX-plosion (the exes of the roommates were gonna live together at some point). But, all it is is young 20 somethings getting s***faced and having casual sex. I remember back in the day, they had to work, and do productive stuff (along with their drinking and relations). Now, it just seems like an exploitation of people.'s gross. The first episode featured 2-3 nights out at the bar, girls running around almost naked, and people having sex in the Confessional.
Is this what it's like to be 20-something?? If so....dear God maybe I don't want kids. Yikes!
(Even listening to the interviews, the producers sound like idiots.) And if it's not like this to be a young 20-something, why are we glorifying it??

Without getting into a big discussion about how we're all inundated way too much with sex sex sex (which, we are), I just wanted to share that I'm disgusted with some of the crap that's on tv.

Even The Bachelor is kinda wearing thin on me. Because, let's be likely is it that you're going to find the love of your life, when you're getting your needs met by multiple people? That's why cheating usually doesn't lead to a lasting relationship....

But, I digress. My point here is..I still like some reality tv shows. It's my mindless tv guilty pleasure. But, some of it....I dunno. Maybe I grew up, or maybe things just got SO trashy and low class that I can't handle it. Either way, I think my DVR is gonna be less and less full. The last thing I want is to promote a bunch of idiots into getting "famous" for being jerks or just plain dumb trash.


  1. I jumped of the trash reality tv [minus 2 shows] a few years ago. Now the only reality tv I watch is talent related, ie cooking shows a la Top Chef, Chopped, Triple G. I don't mind characters that are crazy but have a talent, but shows like the kardashians...barf!!!! haha.

  2. I never got into the housewives after the Beverly hills one died... I am like P!nky and do Top Chef, chopped etc...

  3. Jenn, this may sound silly, but this may be my very favorite post you've ever written. I literally want to give you an "AMEN! Preach it, sista!" (Not that you're preaching - you're just talking plain old sense, which a lot of people don't seem to have!) I am so with you on every single point you made. Reality TV is total trash anymore. Sex is everywhere, to the point that it's not even something special for 2 people who love each other anymore, which I find REALLY sad. And idiots are getting famous for acting like idiots. Which makes no sense. It's hard to stomach it. Honestly, just watching the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 1, I started feeling sick. It's hard for me to believe that people live their lives with so little values, morals or loyalties. I didn't watch the second part of it because I honestly just don't care to fill my mind with that mess! So glad you and I agree on this!

  4. Girl...I am so guilty of loving all of the Real Housewives shows except I haven't been keeping up with ATL that much...and same with The Bachelor, I just can't get into this season at all. I'm now really loving my Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad! Although trashy reality TV is a definite guilty pleasure...sad but true! Xx.

  5. I am so over reality TV too. But I still love MasterChef Australia, America's Next Top Model and Survivor :) Guilt pleasure for sure!!

  6. agree agree agree with all you've said here. though i am a bit sad i missed pt 2 of vanderpump rules reunion. i do still watch the bachelor though JP and his accent are starting to annoy me, but i really kind of just watch for the fashion. LOL

  7. So true. I have noticed this for many years. I, too, loved the old RW when they had jobs and personalities. The show was so interesting back then. Now and in the past several seasons its all about the drunken sex and I haven't watched in years. I do get sucked in to all the Bravo crap and now I'm on maternity leave I watch x2

  8. I never watch reality tv. I tried to watch The Bachelor once and got SO angry because that's NOT love. Especially what I hear about the new douche. Reality tv is a depressing depiction of our society, lol.


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