Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was SUPER pretty outside--the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! I even went out without a jacket on!

Needless to say, MG and I took advantage of the weather this weekend. We took Cooper to the dog park, ran errands, spent some time outside, drove with the windows down and the sunroof open...it was great!

Friday night we went to dinner with 2 couple friends and tried out a relatively new restaurant in our area (well, it's been around for almost a year I think, but we haven't been yet, so it's still new to us), called Mussel Bar. Holy moly was it good! MG had the mussels and I had shrimp and grits, and they had french fries with amazing dipping sauces. It was TO DIE FOR good! Add some good friends to the mix, and it was a perfect night of laughter, good food, drinks and friends!

Saturday we took Coop to the dog park, and ran some errands. MG went for a run outside, and then about an hour later went into this crazy shivering thing where he couldn't get warm, was shivering out of control and felt like his whole body's muslces were stiffening up on him. It scared the bajeezus out of me. Luckily we were able to get him warm, and everything kind of died down as quickly as it came on. I was worried we'd need to go to the hospital, but luckily whatever it was, passed!
Needless to say, that night we stayed in, ordered Chinese food, and watched the end of Season 1 of House of Cards.

Sunday morning we were up early to finish up our errands for the weekend, and then made our way to an open house that we saw on Redfin. The house looked amazingly perfect, and it absolutely was! Now, MG and I need to start talking to lenders to find out what our actual options are so we can at least start planning for our next move (literal and figurative).

Since we were far out, and close to a Wegmans, we decided to go there to finish up our grocery shopping. I love me some Wegmans, but Wegmans on a Sunday around 3pm is INSANE. People come in throngs, drive their carts around like they're drunk, and are in general, just kind of rude and careless.

We got home after that ordeal and took Cooper for a long walk since the weather was nice out. Unfortunately, about an hour later, we think Cooper had another mini-seizure. It's really scaring me that these are happening again. Luckily it didn't last very long, and he was back to wiggling his tail and running around happily in a little bit. But, man, it's scary!

For dinner we went to Chipotle and then watched the first episode of Season 2 of House of Cards, and then caught the finale of Downton Abbey before heading to bed.
And then I spent the night dreaming about House of Cards haha.
That was my weekend--now I'm gearing up for a FULL week of school with the kids (assuming we don't get anymore snow or weird weather)!
Hope your weekend was relaxing/fun!

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  1. Poor Cooper! I hope he's feeling better! I can't imagine how scary that is :(

    House of Cards. Oh man. We have one episode left of Season 2. The majority of the season is pretty ridic, but just wait for episode 10 or 11. I can't remember which, but HOLY MOLY. Prepare yourself.

    Ah! House shopping! You were "far out". Where were you!?!?

  2. House of Cards is so good! Get excited for the second season!


  3. oh poor coop! sammie is on seizure meds since she was having them all the time. it's so sad/scary to see and you can't do anything.

    wegmans has THE BEST cake. and hot bar. yum.

  4. Poor Cooper...thinking healthy thoughts for him! Bless his sweet puppy heart. Ahh downton abbey...we are so behind--need to have a marathon catch up ASAP!! Xx.

  5. Hooray for warm weather and taking advantage of it too. And look at y'all, making even more moves for a move, fun!

    Hope all the dudes in your family are feeling better.

  6. Poor little Coop! And poor MG, too! Hope they are both ok!

    Thinking B and I might start House of Cards soon. We've been hearing good things, and like to find shows that we can both enjoy watching!!!

  7. Oh no! I would have a heart attack if Weiser had a seizure, so I can only imagine what you felt like! Hope he's better and doesn't have many more.


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