5 on Friday

Wooohoo! We made it through another week, and this one was a full work week despite a snowy day (kids at school were definitely asking why we were still in school since we've had off every day that there's been snow). But, we survived! And just in time for another Five on Friday...

{1}-MG is Back!
MG has overcome whatever stomach virus/food poisoning episode that he had earlier this week when he was overseas for work, was re-booked on a new flight and, after a flight delay, made his way back home to me and Cooper yesterday! Finally! It was a long 9 days without him, especially with the unexpected sickness delay, but I'm SO glad that he's back, and healthy...and where I can keep an eye on him! haha. Super thankful for the doctors, hospital and support staff who helped him out when I couldn't be there!

{2}-Final Dress Fitting!
My final dress fitting is TODAY! EEEP! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the fit and such have been worked out since the last fitting, and that this one goes smoothly. I can't believe this is the last fitting. Time is quickly rolling on by, and Im just rolling along with it. Lucky for me, my mom and two of my bridesmaids are going to be at the fitting...for final approvals and so someone on the wedding day knows how to do my bustle haha.

{3}-Busy Weekend
This weekend MG and I are meeting with our pastor and the organist to go over the final details for our wedding (order of events, logistics, etc). Once I get that, I can give the final details to my buddy Shay who has been AMAZING in helping me design the wedding programs, and other things for the wedding (I'm so lucky to have her!!) We also have to go and pick up all of the candle holder/vases from my parents' house and drop them off at the florists' house (I dont think she is fully aware of just how many boxes I'm gonna be dropping off lol), and I'm going to be finishing up our escort cards, perhaps with the help of my buddy Bree. We may be doing this with a little wine action which will make it more fun!
that's about an hour's worth of work (cards are stacked by table)
...and still only 1/3 of the way done
{4}-Home Appraisal
We are anxiously awaiting the results of our home appraisal. Hoping and praying that it appraises for at least the amount that we are buying for (otherwise it's back to negotiating with these sellers). This home buying process can definitely be stressful....we've had a lull in the stress, but now that we're playing the appraisal waiting game, it's making me anxious. This is the last major potential thing that could stop this whole thing from going forward, and we're supposed to have information by "sometime today"....

In a world where the majority of what we see is negative....kids shooting up schools, bullying one another, being disrespectful or just down right jerks, why why WHY would a school take this stance on a girl who has COMPASSION and was showing SUPPORT for a friend who was going through a rough time....who may have been picked on or "laughed at" by other kids because she didn't have hair???? 
Take a look at your dress code "policy" and shove it, Caprock Academy. This girl isn't shaving her head to be a goth rocker, or to show support for a gang. She is supporting her ELEVEN year old friend who is going through a battle with cancer.

All I have to say is: Shame on you, Caprock Academy. You should be absolutely and utterly ashamed of yourselves.

And to the girl who did something brave to show her friend that she wasn't alone....Keep on being the strong person that you are. Don't let some idiot adults stop you from making the world a better place. Lord knows we need more kids like you in the world!

And on that note, I'm off to finish out another day of work, and get to my weekend! 
Happy Friday, party people!


  1. Yay for final dress fittings! That's the best one!


  2. Final dress fitting makes it so real! EEk so close.

  3. Have fun at your final dress fitting. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

    Glad MG is feeling better and home. I know how much you missed him.

  4. Hoping that both the dress fitting and home appraisal go well! I know those are two big things you'd like to check off your list!:) And SO glad MG is home, safe and sound. Hopefully he won't have to go anywhere else before the wedding now!

    And seriously? If my child were brave enough and selfless enough to show such an act of kindness, I would be bursting with pride, and would tell the school officials to shove their policies!!!

  5. So glad your honey is feeling better! I had the flu a week before my wedding, and hubs came down with it 2 days before! He hardly ate anything at our wedding!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
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