Terrible Tuesday

Today has not started out so great...

First of all, it's snowing. It's supposed to snow throughout the day (only accumulating 1-3 inches of snow). Who knows what will happen with the schools, but we are in session now and I'm hoping the commute home doesn't blow.

Secondly, MG has been overseas in Greece for work for the last week. He's slated to get back tomorrow. All good, right?
Until I get a text from him this morning saying that he's throwing up, etc and has been since early this morning (he's 6 hours ahead so this has been going on for a while). 
I haven't heard from him since 7:30 when he said he got sick, again....so I dont know what's going on, where he is, if he's going/at the hospital, and if he's going to be able to get better in time for his flight tomorrow.

Third, I have a meeting today with a crazy parent. 

Fourth....I dont even know. I'm just ready for some good news, and for today to be over.

Send some positive thoughts this way, please, for MG's sake at least!! Poor guy....


  1. Awwww poor MG! That sucks, i hope he's ok.... :( maybe he ate something bad over there? Eek...

    And boo to snow. It's not snowing up here yet... i think we're supposed to get less than you but still, boo.

    Sending you some happy vibes!

  2. Oh, Jenn. You poor thing. And poor MG! Hoping that this day (including the parent meeting) flies by for you and that you are able to get home safely in the inclement weather. And praying that MG bets better soon, and can get home to you tomorrow!

  3. Hope he feels better soon. The snow is supposed to melt by leaving time, so all you should be dealing with is distracted kids. :)

  4. Ugh... that sucks. All of it. It's snowing here too, but not supposed to accumulate. Hope you stay safe and that he gets better ASAP!!

  5. Ugh...some parent meetings were the worst. I'm so sorry! That always just makes everything worse. Poor MG!! Poor you worrying about him! We get sick here off and on, part of the deal, I guess. I really hope he recovers quickly. Tell him to go to the hospital if he thinks he's getting dehydrated from all the sickness. Aaron was SO sick a few weeks ago and I had to take him to the emergency room - he was released the same day and felt totally fine the next morning, but he was super dehydrated when we got to the hospital. It was actually really scary. Oh, and I'm so sorry about all the snow! You're always welcome to visit MX:) We never get that stuff here;)

  6. Oh goodness! Definitely not a good Tuesday, I'm so sorry!! I hope MG feels better ASAP and also that you hear from him soon. I know how that is - I immediately think the worse things when that happens. And now I'm not helping at all. Haha.

    I've decided you deserve a giant glass (or bottle) of your favorite wine this evening.

  7. I'm sure he's ok. He's probably just resting. I'm sorry love, hang in there. <3

  8. Days like that straight up suck! I'm so sorry today was so terrible, hopefully you've heard from MG now and can rest easier, he's probably sleeping it off. I hope Wednesday is much nicer to you!


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