5 on Friday

Wooohooo, another Friday is here, and by this time NEXT Friday, I'll be all kinds of busy with day-before-the-wedding stuff!

This week has been a pretty busy one already, with many mornings of me waking up and thinking about all of the things (wedding and work-related) that I have to do. Luckily as things have gotten done, I've been able to calm down and sleep a little more....albeit sometimes it's on the couch at 8:45 at night, but it's sleep! haha

Anyway, let's get to some 5, shall we?

{1}-Marriage License
We are getting it today! Heading to the courthouse bright and early, and getting that bad boy! Then turning around and dropping it off at the church along with the final payment there. Lots of check marks on this one! :)

{2}- Final(?) Dress Fitting
Well, that was supposed to be the case LAST Friday, but when my dress was still puckering in one area, and the bustle wasn't done yet....a fourth dress fitting got added. Fingers crossed that everything is all fixed, pretty and ready to go when I go to try it on today!
{3}-Packing for the Honeymoon
Yes, I've already started laying out piles of clothes that I'm planning on packing for our honeymoon. Realistically, I won't be wearing ANY of it between now and when we leave since it won't be nearly warm enough here, so I feel like it's "safe"...plus, as soon as I'm done with that, it's another thing to check off the list and not worry about!
Also, I have some pretty awesome, bright and fun colored clothes that I'm taking! I can't wait to soak up the sun!!

{4}-Healthy Meals
I've already meal-planned a bunch of healthy meals for dinners next week, leading up to the wedding day. I've been working out my normal amount (but with more motivation on the days that I don't want to), and have pretty much kept to my same eating habits this entire time (no fad dieting or anything for me). Trying to give myself the little extra help with uber healthy meals this coming week so I'm in tip-top shape for wedding day!

{5}-Date Night
At the suggestion of P!nky, MG and I are going to have a date night this weekend, just the two of us, to enjoy some down-time and no stress before the chaos and craziness (and excitement!) that the next week will likely bring. I'm definitely looking forward to spending some time together and having one of our last 'date nights' before getting married :)

That's it for my 5? What're yours?
Catch ya on Monday!! :)


  1. What a freaking exciting 5 on Friday!!!!!!!!

    Love the idea of having a date night this weekend. You definitely deserve a relaxing night before the real excitement ensues! Enjoy!!

  2. I love the idea of date night before the big day! And the healthy meals. Its just one less thing to worry about. one week from today I get to see you!!!

  3. Love that date night before the wedding idea :)!!! It's SO soon girl! Eeek!! Xx.

  4. Hope everything went smoothly at court and with the dress :)!

    Enjoy your date night before the craziness happens!

  5. Hoping that the fitting went well, and that today was the final one! Definitely enjoy your date night tonight. CANNOT believe that next week is WEDDING week. Eeeek!!! So exciting:)

  6. Awww yay! So exciting! Hope the last fitting goes smoothly and you come home with your dress!

  7. yay this is a good five! sounds like you're in a really good place. your last week of singledom will go by fast!

  8. yay this is a good five! sounds like you're in a really good place. your last week of singledom will go by fast!

  9. I can't wait to see your dress. It looks beautiful from the teaser pic! Great idea to spend a night with just your future hubs before things get crazy. With last minute detials, family, and friends, etc. I feel like I didn't see my groom at all the week before!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  10. The marriage license was my favorite part! I'm sure that sounds weird, but it just made it seem the most real to me. Oooh nostalgia!


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