Book Review: Black Box

I really wanted to get through another book before I went into honeymoon reading, especially after reading this book, because it had some depressing/sad events surrounding it.
I found Black Box on Amazon when I was looking for cheap books that had good reviews.
It's $4.99 on Amazon now, but I'm pretty sure I got it for less than that. Either way I bought it because it had almost 5 stars on over 300 reviews.

Here's part of the Goodreads synopsis:
Over the course of five years, Mikki and Crush cross paths on three separate occasions. Their first encounter changes Mikki's life forever, but their second meeting leaves them both buried beneath the emotional wreckage of a violent attack. Mikki is left with more questions and grief than she can handle, while Crush is forced to forget the girl who saved his life.

Now nineteen years old, Mikki Gladstone has decided she's tired of the mind-numbing meds. She books a flight to Los Angeles to end her life far away from her loving, though often distant, family.

Reading this book, I was confused about all of the different meetings that these two had because the meetings were discussed at different points of the book, or only briefly mentioned. It was distracting not to have the chronological order of events. 
I did like that it was a love story, but it seemed completely unbelievable and VERY unlikely to me. So that made it hard for me to really get into the story. Not to mention that I didn't really connect with Mikki. I also find it difficult to believe that "falling in love" would solve someone's deep seeded emotional issues.

Would I recommend this book? Maybe if it was in the $.99, but probably not for more than that. This is just MY opinion, and the book did get great reviews. I just personally don't understand why.

At least now I can start a new book on my HONEYMOON...NEXT WEEK! Catch you all after the wedding and honeymoon. I have some GREAT guest posts coming your way from some fabulous ladies so make sure you check them out!! :)
Catch you on the MRS side! :)


  1. i much prefer honest reviews! this book doesn't look like something i would enjoy, but would be swayed by the popular reviews so i appreciate your honesty and i wont waste my time ;) enjoy your honeymoon and hope you get a fabulous book to read! i just posted about all the books i bought last month if you need some suggestions!

  2. I saw this one too, but didn;t get it. kinda glad... sometimes the cheap reads are that for a reason... but get some good honeymoon picks! and TOMORROW!!!! xoxo

  3. Hmm... doesn't sound too promising. BUT-- I hope your wedding weekend is AMAZING and that your honeymoon is fantastic! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  4. The love story part might get me, but based on your post ... I think I might not be the right audience of this book. I think love stories work well if the reader could well-relate to one of the characters. Connection is crucial :) - RUSS


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