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After a weekend of wedding festivities and making memories that will last a lifetime, MG and I are off to Antigua today, to enjoy the first days of being husband and wife!
I'll have lots of wedding pictures and things to share when I get back, but for now, my blog bestie, Shay, is here to entertain you while I'm soaking up the sunshine!
Shay is one of the funniest people I know from blog land--she and I totally get each others' personalities and sense of humor. And, I need to mention Shay helped me a TON with some of the wedding things (programs, wine labels, etc etc etc). I owe her a bunch for all of her help! She's the best!! So, go get your read on...

Hi Going the Distance readers! I'm Shay and I used to blog over at Sweet Silver Linings... while it's true that my poor blog has been neglected for a while, I was thrilled when my online bestie asked me to guest post for her while she's away soaking up the tropical rays on her honeymoon!

With that said, since the newly married MRS. MG is going to Antigua for her honeymoon, I thought I'd suggest a few essential items I hope she's got packed in her suitcase!

  1. You're on your honeymoon. On a tropical island. You definitely need a HOT bikini to rock that hot bod you've been working so hard for these past months. This one from Victoria's Secret is simple, yet sexy! Work it girl!
  2. Ray Ban sunnies make the world a better place. Or any cute sunnies that will not only block those strong Caribbean rays, but also look tre chic!
  3. While you may be splashing around with your new husband in the ocean, you can still look amazing with minimal make-up. I use this Dior Show Waterproof mascara. This stuff is legit and doesn't budge!
  4. A cute monogrammed beach bag with your new initials is a great thing to carry all your essentials along with those nice hotel towels that you're not supposed to take with you! Hehehe, i won't tell!
  5. SPF! If you don't bring anything else, make sure you bring this! I love this Neutrogena one, its not greasy and absorbs nicely!
  6. And last but not least, who doesn't love a good gossip mag while catching some rays... and if your husband is like mine, he'll even take a peek at it, you know, while giving the lecture on "why do you read this garbage"... LOL!
Jenn, I wish you the happiest day for your wedding. I am SO sad I won't be able to make it there, that would have been the best blate ever. I wish you and MG a lifetime of good health, happiness and wonderful times! Have a blast on your honeymoon, get a tan for me!


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  1. Loving those RayBans! Hope Jenn and MG are having so much fun!


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