Weekend Recap

Whew! Another super busy weekend in the books, and I'm wiped!

Friday night MG and I had plans to hang out with some friends of ours, but due to some last minute events, those plans got cancelled so MG and I went out for dinner ourselves and enjoyed being lazy on the couch, watching tv. Just what the doctor ordered!

Saturday we had to get ready for the wedding drama couple's wedding, and an hour drive to where the wedding was taking place. Unfortunately, leading up to the wedding day some extra crappy stuff happened (MG was uninvited to the rehearsal dinner 3 days before the dinner under the premise that the guest list was too large and they were keeping it to the immediate bridal party, not the ushers, etc. and then found out that the other 2 ushers were still invited, and also included in the pre-wedding activities like golfing etc, and MG wasn't...which just left kind of a nasty taste in our mouths after everything that's happened up until this point).

But, despite all of that, we got ourselves ready and attended the wedding. It was a short, but sweet ceremony and very pretty. The bride's dress was very pretty and the bridesmaids dresses were also really nice, in different shades of purple. (And, despite not changing anything in relation to our wedding, or "coordinating" our weddings, both weddings were totally different and lots of fun.)
After the ceremony there was a bit of rain that came through, but that lent itself to a double rainbow, which was pretty symbolic since the groom's father and his friend/best man had both passed away within the last year and a half.  I was happy for him that he had that reminder that they were there that day--it was a really special moment.

The reception was in a tent on the same site. It was really fun getting our escort cards and seeing my new last name on it. MG seemed pretty pleased by it as well :) 
We had a great time with our friends and enjoyed a long night of eating, drinking and dancing.

We spent some time at the hotel lobby with everyone after the ceremony was over, and then made our way to sleepy town.

I'm hopeful that we can all put the drama behind us now and move forward, in whatever direction that may be.

Sunday we made the journey back home, picked up Cooper from my parents house (he had a nice night getting spoiled by my parents), ran our weekend errands and tried to recoup before another week, and another wedding next weekend!

Happy Monday and Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  1. Oh geez I can't believe they were still scheming things up until the wedding day! Cutting MG out and everything?! Ridiculous. Glad the day was nice overall!

  2. Did you expect it to be drama free? I mean, come people.... I cannot believe they did that. But glad you had a good time anyway and attended your first wedding as a Mrs.!!

  3. ooh double rainbow. you and mg are too cute. I don't know how (if) I like the different shades of purple it looks kinda unorganized...it could just be me tho.

  4. Man, oh man. How rude and tasteless to dis-invite someone just days before the wedding. I wish those 2 the best of luck, because I have a feeling they are going to need it. One day, their tacky, mean spirited behavior is going to turn on each other, and that day is going to be a sad day indeed. I am glad that you and MG have managed to stay above all the drama this whole time. Hopefully now that the weddings are over, they will leave you guys alone!

    In other news, loving your dress. And glad you guys had a good time:)

  5. Ouch, that was a rude move. However, still looks like you had a blast!

  6. glad you had a good time and now can put all of the wedding shenanigans they've been pulling on you guys behind you. some people are just jerks!

  7. I love weddings. I used to dread them (especially when for family members/people that I didn't know) but now that it is my close friends (and myself, last year), they are truly the most joyful experiences. Unless they are truly put together poorly/people forget their manners..........[awk silence and crickets]
    But I'm glad that you all were able to enjoy yourselves despite it all! That is being a true friend, at least in my books :D

  8. wow, that is a huge douche move. its hard to move past stuff like that, i can understand why it would leave a bad taste in your mouth. Looks like you managed to push past it and have a great time regardless!

  9. Pretty awesome to have a rainbow at your wedding haha looks like a fun time!

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)

  10. So glad you can put it behind you...how awful about all the drama that happened beforehand but it's over now. I feel for ya girl!

  11. Glad that the wedding was good despite the earlier drama... How ridiculous are these people??? ps-- I do kind of love the ombre look of the bridesmaids' dresses in different shades!


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