Things I Don't Get About People, someecard style!

There are lots of things and people you encounter on a daily basis. Do you ever catch yourself thinking, "I don't get you..."? I've laid out some of those people I don't necessarily "get," but I did it e-card style, because who doesn't like a good someecard??

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~People who push their animals around in strollers. Animals need exercise (unless they have some ailment). Let them run and play. I bet if you could communicate with a pup and asked him, he'd probably tell you that he prefers to be on the ground, sniffing other dogs' butts around, than up in a baby stroller.

~Couples who can't do things without the other person. I like spending time with my husband as much as the next person and we actually do a lot of things together. But we don't HAVE to do EVERYTHING together. It's good and important to have friends and interests outside of your relationship.

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~People who post minute-by-minute updates on Facebook during a sporting event. Posts at the end of the game are fine, but the ones where it's like "Yes this is gut-wrenching stuff we're watching" and "Noooo...well that sucked" (taken from actual FB posts)....I don't need a play-by-play. If I wanted to know what was going on, I'd be watching the game and listening to the professional announcers.

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~People who can't be themselves around their long-time significant other (not talking beginning of a relationship). If you're too afraid to wear a mud mask, pretend that you don't poop, or something else that could be deemed "embarrassing" around your significant other, what kind of a relationship are you in? If you can't be yourself around your significant other, who CAN you be yourself around?

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~Couples that call everyday activities "dates." Going to the store together, standing in line to vote, sitting on the couch watching tv....these aren't "dates"...they're every day stuff that you're doing together. If you were single and a guy said "let's go to the grocery store" or just wanted to hang out on the couch and watch tv all the time, and then called it a 'date', you'd be ticked, call your girl friends, and be all "Can you believe he thought that was a date??"
 Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean that's a just means you're doing something, together. Spending time together IS awesome, and needed, in a relationship, but just because you're together doesn't mean it's a date. Dating is doing something out of your normal routine--that's what makes it special. "Date night" for couples with kids doesn't entail cleaning up after the kids and sitting around in sweats. It's doing something outside of every day stuff.

~People who pretend that their lives are suuuuper perfect. They're usually the ones who say "We're not perfect" but then go on to convince explain, in detail, why they are.
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~People who don't say hello or good morning back when it's said to them. It amazes me on a daily basis how many kids and even parents will totally ignore the fact that I've said "good morning" to them when I'm at my morning duty at school. It's a simple human gesture. I say "good morning," and you acknowledge my existence and say "good morning" back to me. I'm certainly not saying it to the wind...I'm talking to YOU.

~People who can't be happy for their friends. Why does someone else's happiness or "place" in their life have any bearing on yours? Big things like buying a house, baby decisions or even smaller less life-changing things....Even if it's something that you wish you had or maybe don't even want/agree with, why do you need to wish them ill will, or talk negatively about them? Why can't you just be happy for them?

~People who don't cover their mouth when they cough. Or sneeze. Ew.
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~People who are super judgmental. The ones who go out of their way to reprimand someone or express judgement for doing/not doing something, especially when it's something that they've done themselves. What gives you the right to tell someone what they did was 'wrong'? Especially in the instance that you're just as guilty of the same thing!
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~Going along with the last one, people who claim they are fiercely loyal friends, that they'd do anything for their friends, etc. and then you find out they've been talking about you behind your back....
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What don't YOU "get" about people?


  1. Haha I talk about how happy Will and I are all the time. Maybe no one believes me ;) We also use to have 'dates' where we would go to Publix, pick up a bunch of goodies, and have picnics in the living room. I guess you could say it was a step above everyday mundane. I really do think these are all hilarious and {mostly} true!

    1. We have a friend couple who has a picnic style dinner in their living room, on the floor, on the anniversary of the day they closed on their house. I think stuff like that is super cute, and makes everyday life "special" :)

  2. Well the dog parents used to push our toy poodle around in a stroller from time to time. They did it because it was a way to take him into the stores without people really noticing. And I'm pretty sure he loved every minute :)

    And I most definitely do not have time to look like a model around JC every single day. The only time that guy sees me completely put together is if we're going out on town or something - if he doesn't like me without makeup or with a stained t-shirt on, then we've got WAY bigger problems.

  3. Love all of these. But the poop thing, sure I live there, so I poop there, but I do not need him in the bathroom while I'm doing it, just not ok with me.

  4. People who can't be truly happy for their friends may not really be true friends. Sounds like they are just jealous...

    And pooping is just part of life... i get sure it may be awkward in the beginning but after you're married, all bets are off. I'm not saying do it when they are in the bathroom WITH you, but if you plan on spending the rest of your life with that person, they are eventually going to probably be wiping your ass or vice versa when you're both old. LMAO!

  5. Hilarious! These are so true! Couples who constantly post on each other's social media accounts are so annoying - keep it to yourselves, people. Especially the ones that write stuff like, "You're sitting right next to be. Love you! " like, what? If you're sitting right next to that person, why the heck are you on your computer writing messages you could just tell them??? Weird.

  6. hahah my bf is a sports tweeter. he keeps it off fb but he is all about tweeting during sporting events

  7. What about couples who have a joint facebook account... makes me want to retch! I agree that dog strollers are stupid. It's an animal for goodness sake!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. I could choke out the people that act this way. If you have to brag about it then it's probably not true. You have to be careful who we call "friends" because if they are jealous ass bitches that mess just weighs you down.

    and some people are quite literally full of shit :)
    I saw someone died from being full of shit on Dr. G. True story.

  9. Oh...the couple bothers the HECK outta me!!! My cousin is unfortunately like that and I never see her anymore. It's ridiculous. You have to have your own identity, and I would personally go crazy without girl time or alone time!! And I totally agree about the couples who have to "convince" you that they are perfect, with the cute pictures & facebook/twitter/IG posts....gagggg. Truly happy relationships don't have to be shouted to the world every second of every day. Oh I could go on, lol.


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