Who Has the Time/Whyyyyy?? Part 3

Are you ready for another round of interesting/crazy/useless/weird stuff that I found on Pinterest?
Of course you are!
Here we go....
Cool and different? yes. Conducive to opening the door in a hurry/emergency? No.
Plus, can you imagine trying to do this while intoxicated? No one would get in or out!
A whisk and kitchen utensils chime....sounds interesting, but I imagine this looks like something that belongs outside of a trailer in a trailer park. The original caption said "Great Christmas Exchange"...if I got this for a Christmas Exchange I would not be thrilled.
Here we go with another garden-themed pin:
How many people actually WANT one of those flamingos in their yard?
Let alone, putting shiny mosaic pieces on it?
Sure, it looks better than the cheap plastic, but it's still a flamingo in your yard.
Now this one...this one is just funny...
Since I'm not of this gender, I can't fully comment, but I can't imagine how this is functional (you know, like if you had to pee...)
Just put on some underpants...tighty whities might do the trick!
Not only is this weird, it's totally not functional.
Great, I have a "cutting board" that I can barely slice a tomato on...because half the board is 'dripping' off my counter.
No thanks.
Where exactly would you wear this dress? Maybe to a Halloween Bondage convention...
and why is this woman praying? (Maybe it's that she didn't have to wear this "dress"...)
I mean, if you have the time to do this, good for you. I just know cutting a bell pepper is annoying enough as it is...let alone adding in assembly of legs and eyes...I'll pass. Skewer my bell peppers please. They're all gonna end up in the same place! #getinmybelly
The original caption was "Disguise your alcohol as tampons in Booze Tubes!!"
I'm pretty sure if you're at this level, you may wanna consider looking up the number to your nearest AA meeting...
Or, you're a character in Orange is the New Black. Either way, no bueno.

And lastly,
this one just makes me laugh....
Aside from the funny/strange sleeping bags...there's so much going on in this picture to comment on!

I hope you enjoyed round 3 of this! I'll continue to collect the oddities that I find when perusing Pinterest (I'm sure with summer vacation, I'll have PLENTY of time to waste on there haha) 


  1. hahahaa!! had a great laugh, thanks!

  2. Can we please get the sleeping bags just for fun?

  3. Oh. My. Word. These are beyond ridiculous! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  4. LOLOLOL! willy warmer. cracks me up!

  5. Can you please make me a utensil wind chime for christmas? Pretty please? bahahaha.

  6. those sleeping bags could go well with the snuggy i already have!

  7. um.. that willy warmer seriously??

  8. I'll take two of those sleeping bags, lol! Because, obviously, I've always wished I could jump up and down or play fetch in my sleeping bag. What will they think of next!?!

  9. That sleeping bag!! I'm dying! What is that. Yeah if you invest in Booze Tubes you probably have an issue. Great post!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  10. I'll take the Booze tubes and the sleeping bag!! No joke, I would use both.

  11. hahaha no way! These are ridiculous!

    PS my winter coat kiiiinda resembles the sleeping bag haha


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