Entry Hall Mirror Re-Do

I still haven't gotten myself together and downloaded all of the pics from the last week, but what I DID do, is finish my DIY of repainting a mirror for our entry hallway.

MG's mom gave us this mirror from her house that she wasn't using anymore when we moved.
It's a great looking mirror, but gold isn't really in any of the color schemes of our stuff, so I thought I'd repaint it.
Originally I wanted to do either silver or teal and decided on teal.

Here's what I did:
I went to Home Depot and picked out the paint color I had envisioned (I wish I could have done a sample size since that's about all the paint I needed, but those don't come in semi-gloss) which turned out to be Behr's Ultra paint in Sweet Rhapsody.
The paint guy there suggested that I do a satin finish since I didn't want it to be TOO shiny. It turned out great.

Next I used some sandpaper and roughed up the mirror some so that the paint would adhere a little better (especially since the original paint was kind of glossy as well). You can kinda see it along the outer rim in the picture below.
Then I taped up the mirror parts as best as I could, which was challenging given the shapes of the inside frames:

I set up a painting station in the living room and started painting everything with a paintbrush. 
There WILL be brush strokes in this first coat. If you're going for a weathered look, you can stop here. If you're not, use a smaller roller brush made for cabinets on your next coat, once the first coat has dried. 

The other two tiny paintbrushes I used when I took the tape off from around the mirrors. I picked up a 5 pack at Target for about $2.50 because I needed a small brush to get in around the edges of the mirrors to touch up the parts that the tape took off when it came off.

 Once everything dried, I had a brand new mirror!
(and a dog who was curious about what was going on :)
The lighting it a little darker in the last picture...the original picture is more true to the color.

I still need to hang it (aka, MG needs to hang it)--my plan being over the table in our hallway entry:

If you need/want a reminder of the general look I'm going for, take a peek at my pin-spiration: here

We still need some color on the walls, but, one project at a time! :)
Think it turned out ok and will look good all together?


  1. The color turned out great! Good job, Jenn!:)

  2. Looks awesome! Love that color!

  3. Love that color!! It looks awesome! :) I have a love/hate relationship with painting. Small things like the mirror and stuff YAY! walls.........yeah I'll pass!

  4. aka MG needs to hang it! good call.

  5. That mirror is such a great shape! I love the new color!


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