I love....

I LOVE....

.....hearing the creativity/thought process of a 4 year old mind

.......friends who will dog-sit for you last minute. And having a dog that so easily adjusts to new people and places. #welladjustedpup
......books on tape during a road trip. It makes the ride SO much better, faster, easier (thanks for the recommendations, Trish!)

.......taking my husband's last name officially (even tho it's an annoying process to make it legit, but hopefully by next week!!!)

.....looking at our wedding and honeymoon photos and video and remembering what an amazing time it all was :)
......hearing people's true thoughts and opinions on someone once they aren't part of your life anymore. It's amazing how much others are better able to see true colors in someone else before you can sometimes 

......buying presents for babies my friends are having #babyspoiling

....that I know how to say "I'm sorry," and how to take responsibility for wrongs that I've done. I don't need to pretend that I'm perfect, especially if I've hurt someone else without intending to. It's definitely not easy, but I admit my mistakes so that I can make myself a better me. My friend Trish told me the other day "the beauty in people is their imperfections" and I loved that thought

.......celebrating different milestones and accomplishments in my friends' lives--there's never too much to celebrate!

....Ariana Grande's song 'Problem'....especially the part where he whispers "I've got one less problem without ya!"
(you can catch me singing this one in my car on a regular basis lately)
.....making healthier choices for myself, in all aspects of my life. Healthy foods, more water, working out more/better, getting rid of "dead weight" relationships, maintaining a positive outlook. It's an overall life-cleanse! :)
(yummy chili-lime tilapia recipe coming at ya soon, but for now, here's a pic to torture you):

.....having so much wine that it doesn't all fit into our wine fridge
......that my husband's family loves me unconditionally (and I them), as if we were related by blood (thankfully, we're not, though or this whole "marriage" thing would be odd/illegal haha). I love that my husband gets along with my parents just as well. I know how lucky we both are to have that.

.....making our house feel more and more like home, step by step :)

What are YOU loving?


  1. I'm glad you guys are liking the audiobooks!
    mg's family is pretty awesome. I'm glad you guys are having one big lovefest.
    sometimes we're blind to other's true colors if we consider them a "friend" sometimes you have to take a step back and evaluate that person and unfortunately we don't get a "good look" until it's too late.

  2. Name change!! So exciting! And I love a good extended in-law family. So happy you've got a good one :)

  3. I'm loving you and how wonderful of a friend you are. And bagels.... cause duh!

  4. thank you again for babyspoiling baby camb! i can't wait til he's here and i can set up the mobile! and yes, true friends will be there to support all the amazing milestones in life their friends go thru.

    you're so lucky to have in laws you truly love and love spending time with. not everyone has that and i think its so nice that you guys are so close!

  5. It's true about some people seeing others colors before you. Some people are just sucky people.

  6. Great post. Knowing to admit your mistakes and knowing when to say sorry is really important! It's a must for anyone I have a relationship with.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. aw, your pup is adorable! audiobooks are my favorite for driving. i may also listen to them at work too ;)


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