Blogtober14: Day 1

I loved the idea that Helene had for Blogtober, so I'm participating in Day 1 (and hopefully many more days as the month goes on).

Helene in Between

Day 1: If you won the lottery you'd....

I would pay off MG's student loans and car, put a little more down on our house and condo to lower our mortgage payments, and treat our families to a mega vacation...or anything else that they would need.
And, depending just HOW much money I had won, maybe buy a family beach house for us so that we could all vacation together during the summers.

I think I would still work, but I'd do something part time, or maybe start fresh all over again and do something different since I wouldn't have to worry about money.

I know MG and I would plan some vacations to places that we've always wanted to go to. And then we would be smart and invest, put money away for our future kids' college, etc. I mean, you have to be semi-responsible part of the time, right?? :)


  1. Those are all super responsible things to do! Oh man... winning the lottery... that would be amazing. Are you sure you wouldn't want to buy a basketball team or something? :)

  2. Don't forget to pay the taxes & treat me to a dinner!

  3. Great answer. I'd also like to keep working even if I had enough money.

  4. I would totally be responsible too (at first) but save a little to enjoy ;)


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