Wednesday Confessions

I confess that....

.....having 80 degree weather yesterday, during the last week of October, was amazing.

.....I broke out my white pants and wore them, despite all of the Labor Day "rules" about white

.......watching the Redskins beat the Cowboys on Monday night, AT Dallas, with our 3rd string quarterback, was so fun to watch! (I don't care where we are in the rankings, because that feat alone is still awesome). Going in, even I didn't think the Skins would do it--rival games are always unpredictable.
.......listening to the silence of the Cowboys fans after running their mouths all week was even more priceless, right Jessi?? ;)

.....I've cursed our house's previous homeowner several times throughout our house projects for the stupid stuff he did and the shortcuts that he took. It's all do-able things to fix, but just adds one more step (or a couple) to the process which is annoying when you just want to get things done 

......after the 3 hour brunch with my friends on Sunday, I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day...and even part of the next morning #somuchfood
The full feeling was totally worth it, though, because the food was yummy and the company was fantastic

....Yesterday was the first day I'd worked out in a week (sometimes life just gets in the way). And despite my eating binge on the weekend, the scale hasn't moved. I'll consider that a win!

.....Pinterest is both the most helpful tool in planning house projects, and the most dangerous/expensive. Much like wedding-planning.

......even though we aren't completely done with painting the guest room, it's already looking really good and I'm proud of us :)

.....painting rooms in the house with your husband is made much more fun with "80s and 90s classic rock" playing in the background, and impromptu sing-alongs.

.....I'm sad the link-up on Wednesdays is done :(

What are you confessing today??


  1. awww, guess you didn't hear? i killed this linkup but thanks for linking up! you're more than welcome to continue confessing on wednesdays (as i will be) but just no linkup. i can barely even get my shit together these days with life so having a linkup hovering over my head was just too much.

    anyhoo, pinterest is the bombdiggity. if pinterest were around when i got married, i would still be paying it off because of alllll the amazing ideas!

  2. You can come over (whenever I move) and help me with my place now that you have all this wonderful house experience/knowledge

  3. YESSSSS!!! You are SO right girl! Loved that game and of course we don't have the best standing but hey- we beat Dallas and yes it was with our 3rd string while Romo begged to be back in the game. Love it and love you! ps totally loving the white pants, that weather was insane!! xoxo

  4. Love that feel feeling after a good meal with friends... especially brunch. Pinterest kills me. i just get so frustrated.

  5. Brunch is the best thing to happen to weekends since they were created! And Im confessing that I was not happy about the 80 degree weather yesterday...I just want the brisk fall weather back!

  6. I'm sad the linkup is done as well! It always feels so good to get those confessions out!


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