Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Funnies

Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up to get through a work week. Luckily this week is going relatively smoothly for me (I should knock on wood so I don't jinx myself on that one), but funnies never hurt!

{via} Some people this is SO true for (and I bet you can think of at least 1-2 people that it would apply to!)
{via} This should just be #LoftProblems for me

{via} Mmmm hmmm!
{via} Ohhhh yeah!

{via} Not so much funny as it is freaking adorable!!!
{via} In my dreams!

{via} My heart is melting with the cuteness and the tiny-ness!
Hope those offered some laughed and maybe some "awwws" and helps get you through til Friday! One More Day!!


  1. Love the puppy holder. I remember when my pups were that small!

  2. Love these!! The saving money one is SO true! Each time I say it's time to cut back, I suddenly fall in love with allllllll the clothes. WHY can't I find them when I'm actually wanting to shop and have money to spend?!
    Also, the little boy with the puppies?! Be still my heart!

  3. haha perfect!! Happy Thursday friend!! xoxo

  4. LOL. I love that productivity one. So true and so funny

  5. Love these! Great way to start the day...on a lighthearted note! :)

  6. Oh my gosh the little boy sleeping with the puppies - so sweet!! Cup of care - so funny!

  7. The puppy ones are too cute. These are hilarious

  8. The saving money meme is me to a "T". I'm all like, "Oooh, yay! We're saving money this month!" And then...Ooops. Found a good sale. For me. Caleb. And now for baby #2. We'll never save as much money as I'd like now, lol!

  9. LOL the one about not being productive after 9:13am is SO me today....thanks for sharing!

  10. Love this!!! This post would be great for my Friday Funnies link up ;)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Funny story... the little boy in the basket is the son of one of my previous 4-Hers! Isn't he just the freaking cutest!?!?


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