5 Friday Faves

Wooohooo we survived the first week back after the holiday craziness! 
This week was nuts here in VA with some of our coldest weather yet this year and our first snow!
But on to happier things and warmer thoughts....let's get to some favorites!
So I bit the bullet and ordered the Piyo DVD's online (got it for $30!). It's supposed to get here by next Thursday and I'm hopeful it's earlier so I can try it out. I've heard all kinds of awesome things about it from people so I figured "why not try something new?" Fingers crossed it's amazing!

{2}-Brandi Glanville
Although she's not a favorite, she provided me with my favorite SUPER awkward moments this week with not one but TWO glasses of wine thrown in peoples' faces (Eileen and Jeff Lewis), as well as her insanely rude comment to Babyface about how his wife's diamond could have been bigger. Girlfriend has some issues, and I literally was left with my eyes and mouth open like whaaaaaaat?
{3} Days Off
This week we've had two 2-hour delays and 2 days off (one which was admin leave on the snow day). So far, the first week back has been relatively easy since I've barely been there! And, thanks to the snow the other day, and a back up of traffic on one of the main roads that I take to work, I discovered another route that cuts down my 20ish minute commute by about 5-7 minutes! Avoiding that one road with its endless lights and congestion saves me so much time! Thank you, snow storm...and Waze! (one of the best navigation apps if you haven't used it!)

{4} Chrisley Knows Best
With all of those delays and days off this week, I got started watching Chrisley Knows Best after hearing that it's a pretty funny show. After watching the first season and part of the second, I've laughed so many times at some of the one-liners that Todd drops. It's definitely a show that brightens up my day. Altho I have to say, I think it would be really difficult to have him as a father. I'm not sure he speaks the same love language I would need from a parent. But, as a viewer, I enjoy his nonsense :)

Although my bloggy bestie Shay's son Nicholas isn't my blood nephew, he's my honorary one, and I just love being his Auntie Jenn. I love even more getting videos of his smily cooing along with pictures and other cute messages in the mornings "from him". He makes my day every day and I just love him to pieces already.
So, to get your end of the week off on the right foot, I'm sharing (with Shay's permission), one of my recent faves from baby Nicholas:
Isn't he the absolute cutest?? I can't wait to kiss those cheeks IRL!

On that adorable note, I hope your weekend is filled with cute-ness and fun!


  1. OMG Brandi was out of control this week. Girl needs to learn what a filter is and use it from time to time! If I was Babyface's wife I probably would have been like "at least I have a ring!" Happy Friday girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Can't wait to hear what you think of PIYO since I've actually never heard of it!!! I can't even get over Brandi - she's a nutcase but we already knew that!! And that sweet little baby...oh I've got the fever something fierce lol!! Happy weekend love! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I have to admit I was a tad jealous of all the time off my teacher friends had this week...and it looks like you got in some good TV watching =) So excited to see what you think of PiYo. I've heard good things but haven't tried it. Another fellow Omaha Blogger does Insanity classes at the Y and I thought about trying it out...it would probably push me better than I would push myself at home by myself =) Have a great weekend!

  4. So, I used to be a Brandi fan...But lately, she just seems way out of control. I liked that she used to seem like the only "real" one in a group of fakers. But honestly, the wine throwing and foul mouth needs to be reigned in a bit. She's a mother and grown woman, for goodness sake!!! Your friend's baby is so sweet - that little sweater he's wearing kills me:) Happy Friday, Jenn!

  5. I'm not sure I could deal with being a kid in the Chrisley household, but it does seem that they have a little more... guidance than most reality families. If nothing else, it's great entertainment which is all I really go for when I turn on the tv anyway :) Happy Friday and Happy Short-work week!!

    -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  6. I really liked Brandi her first couple seasons on RHOBH, nowadays? Not so much. I can't tell if she's being dramatic and over the top for ratings/a storyline, or if she really is that much of a mess. Not a good look either way.

  7. First of all her babe is adorable!! Second of all I am SO glad you have found the fabulousness that is know as Todd Chrisley (hahaha) I adore that show and his parenting is so what I see myself doing for some reason! Love the snarky strict sarcasm yet his kids still respect him you know? I've never heard of that DVD so let me know what you think once it arrives! I always do Jillian ones! Happy weekend girl! xoxo

  8. Definitely let me know how you like PiYo. I have been wanting to try it and have heard great things about it too!

  9. Looking forward to hearing how you like piyo. I would love to good at-home workouts! Happy Friday lady!!

    1. Hi Emily! I am a Beachbody coach, beachbody is the creator of PiYo, I would love to help you find a perfect at home fitness program. Feel free to reach out to me at simonbob15@yahoo.com. 😊

  10. Oh man I can't believe I forgot about the RHOBH! Grr. Brandi is seriously annoying. I'd given up on that series, but binge watched after Christmas and got sucked in again!

  11. That's awesome you found a new route to work! Bradi Glanville is a nut!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. So glad to find you!!!!! Now officially following! :) What a perfect week - snow delays are my favorite! And OMG Brandi Glanville CRACKS me up, she provides me with lots of entertainment, too! :)

    Happy weekend!

  13. We got the cold here too in Ohio! I loved PiYo! If you are in need of a beachbody coach, please let me know! I have free groups to help keep you engaged in your workout. 😉

  14. hee hee, i love that pic of my boy... so glad your his honorary auntie! we'll facetime again soon! and i love me some chrisley... he is downright hi-larious!


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