Thursday, February 19, 2015


Since I was a little absent at the start of the week I thought a Currently post would be perfect to get all caught up!

Feeling... well rested. A long weekend, plus two snow days allowed for a lot of extra R&R. Some people in the area complained about schools getting the day off yesterday, but my county is huge, so areas south were much worse than they were in our neighborhoods. I'd rather the county be safe than sorry when it comes to the kids and I wish the complainers would think about that before they started complaining.

Reading... A Thread in the Tangle, a book recommendation I saw on Amazon with really good reviews. It's not my typical genre but so far I'm intrigued.

Listening to... podcasts! Since I got him hooked to Serial, MG started listening to Podcasts on his drive to and from work, and on our drive to Philly last weekend, we listened to a few. Some are funny, some are educational, but they're all interesting or entertaining and make the time pass by quickly! I just downloaded some from The Moth which is a bunch of true stories told live.

Watching...I feel like all I watched this week was The Bachelor because it was on for FIVE HOURS this week (within almost a 24 hour period)! That's a lot of tears, crazy, drama, and "I think I'm in love with him"s. I still enjoyed the heck out of it tho :)

Speaking of, I saw this throwback pic of Britt and was a little taken back
Shaved hair don't care?
Thinking about...the cold weather that came our way last night and will be here through Friday. Supposedly with "all time February record lows". Oh joy....I need to go put on another layer of clothing just thinking about it

Working on... trying to make some decisions on our guest bathroom remodel. The vanity is proving extra tricky to find since we have a specific space that it has to fit into...and of course that's not the standard size (that would be too easy!) Also trying to decide on a color, because the bright orange the previous owners had isn't really doing it for us.

This is kind of what we're going for (the vanity) but a sea-foam green color and different flooring.
Loving... (selfishly) that my sweet friend and online bestie Shay is back online every day after her maternity leave so that we can chat on the daily all day long. I've missed our all day long chats and gossip! 

Needing... to make Cooper a grooming appointment. My poor pup's hair is so long that his hair is in his eyes. He's super cute when he's fluffy but the extra fur creates snow balls when he's outside which is extra fun to clean up every time we come in from a walk lately.
But, you can enjoy this video of Cooper enjoying the snow day--hopefully it makes you laugh as much as it made us laugh :)

Excited about... all of the finds I got at the Loft Outlet this past weekend, and then a Loft shipment that I'd ordered last week arrived yesterday! In it were two super cute shirts and the most comfy long tunic I've ever felt (perfect for this cold weather). I've got Loft clothes for days!! 
(And I might need to wear all of them at once to stay warm in these below zero temps!)

What are you up to, currently?
Thoughts for Thursday


  1. I have been loving the Lou & Grey collection at Loft it's seriously amazing!!! I can't even believe that's Britt...she looks so different! You'll have to share some of the podcasts that you listened too because I need something to hold me over until season two of serial!! Happy Thursday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I've done some serious damage shopping at Loft online...their clearances get me every time!

  3. I totally racked up at Loft over the weekend - I love a good president's day sale girl. Ok I'm ready to go back and do some more damage now that I'm reliving it. Haha have a fabulous Thursday/Friday!

  4. So jealous of your extra long weekend! I could use some R&R... where's the FL snow? Ohh can't wait to see your Loft finds! I have't been to the Loft in forever, I think I need to make a stop there soon!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. I'm back today and so just want to take the full week! ha - spoiled with snow for sure! Umm that pic of britt is not my cup of tea- yikes girl. LOVE little coop in that video! Hope you're doing well friend! Love ya! xo (ps- orange bathroom not your thing? no? hahaha jk can't wait to see the finished product)

  6. just found your blog on biana's! :) i was a huge serial fan too and have listened to a few episodes of moth. creepy stuff! speaking of creepy, britt's hair? what? that is straight up frightening!!!

  7. Great minds sure do think alike :) I’m starting to really get into podcasts too! Five hours was too much to keep up with but of course I was glued to the TV also – wow, I can’t believe that was Britt! Jealous of your Loft finds, love me some loft!

  8. The Bachelor was way too much this week. I get a little depressed when I think about how much of my life I've given to those crazies. Love your bathroom inspiration. Much better than orange. ;)

  9. Where is there a Loft outlet? I just bought a dress from Loft online and it doesn't fit right at all! Sad!

  10. Totally get you on the snow day thing. My boss is a former principal of a private school and he said it is impossible to please everyone. There are parents who don't want to deal with childcare, and those that worry about safety and those that just want time off. We haven't gotten one snow day yet this school year, so I'm very jealous!

  11. The temps here (Oklahoma City) are quite frigid too but no snow. We had ice on Monday and I had to go to work. I was scared the whole way that I'd crash. Ice is no joke. I like your currently post. Its a nice snapshot to see where you're at. I used to be a Loft fan back when it was Anne Taylor Loft but now I'm more into J. Crew. I need about 2 boxes of new clothes too. I came from the stuff and things hop and if you would like to say hi, please email me at I'm "no-reply" and I'm not fixing it for the 7th time. The line is drawn in the sand. I followed you all over the social media's too. :) Esther Norine Designs

  12. We are new Podcasts addicts as well! I could go for about 9 million more Serials so I am intrigued by The Moth! Check out Invisibila - another set of good ones!

  13. Oh my gosh! That throwback pic of britt is crazy! I agree--it was a LOT of hours of the bachelor but I was absolutely loving it! Thanks for linking up chicka!

  14. Oh I love the Bachelor and all it's craziness, but that picture of Britt is so weird!! Although, it doesn't totally surprise me. She seemed like she was just on there for the excitement of TV and competition...I don't know. That video of Cooper is great!! Dogs in the snow are so fun!

  15. awwwww... so glad i saw this a zillion years later but yay for (sort of) being online now! hahaha!


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