Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day!

We got our first real snow day here in the DC area last night and it's super pretty out!

I've been taking advantage of the long weekend and the weather for some extra quality time with Cooper and MG, so don't mind my late weekend update tomorrow! :)

Time to go play outside!
Catch you guys soon!


  1. I got a snow day here in Raleigh, NC too! Have fun!

  2. Enjoy! I'm half jealous of your day off, but not the cold!

  3. yay for snow day! I'm happy to be home too. now if only I didn't have to do work....

  4. Aww Jenn so fun! Enjoy the beautiful snow and your day off! I think we all need an extra day off... :)

  5. Lucky you!!! I would love the extra time off work to sleep in and snuggle with my pup! Enjoy!

  6. We're enjoying a snow day here as well -- enjoy the day off!

  7. First real snow? Fun! We've had a ton of snow this year, there's no ace to put the rest of it.. It's pretty but a killer to drive around. Hope you're enjoying yours!! Xo


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