Weekend Highlights

Another weekend and all of a sudden it's the last week of February. How is time going by so quickly??
This weekend was another fun one even though it wasn't too eventful--sometimes those are the best!

My weekend highlights included:

~Having Friday off of work because of the frigid temps

~A date night dinner out with MG, followed by movie night at home watching St. Vincent

~was the ultimate cliche from Old School by running errands to Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target
~buying this gem for all of my makeup and other bathroom stuff
is it sad that this makes me happy?
~MG got some lighting for our basement and I got this little plant to bring some green inside during these Winter months
it already makes the end table look a little happier!
~Watched the 90s classic Father of the Bride as the snow came down, while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate (we got another 3" of snow, followed by sleet!)

~Made dinner at home with MG and watched The Theory of Everything. Holy smokes Eddie Redmayne is such an incredible actor. He was phenomenal!
~Sunday morning that started with these freshly baked cinnamon swirl muffins and coffee
(they were soooooo good)
~A trip to Costco and the grocery store

~For lunch, I made the best egg salad in the history of ever (yes that's my professional opinion) while MG installed some new lighting in the basement
seriously, it's the best--stay tuned for the recipe
~some time reading on my Kindle and cuddling with Cooper

~Went out for a sushi dinner date with MG--my sushi craving was finally satisfied!

~Watched the Oscars--loved the opening; Neil Patrick Harris is fabulous!
These three were some of my favorites, but there were lots of great dresses last night:
I loved Jenna Dewan Tatum's dress too but didn't get a picture of it up here
~Headed to bed to start what's likely to be a full week (which will be tough after my 1-day work week last week haha)

Now that I look at it, my weekend revolved around food and movies--but I guess that happens when it snows. It definitely gave us a chance to just relax and spend some uninterrupted time together, which was totally welcome and not a bad way to spend a weekend in the slightest :)

I hope your weekend was as relaxing/fun/productive as you'd hoped it would be!
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  1. Perfect weekend girl!! I am loving your new makeup organization, looks great!! We still have to see Theory of Everything...maybe this weekend, but we will probably be wrapped up in House of Cards marathon watching lol! Love that sushi - great minds :) Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Ohhh love the new makeup organizer! So perfect! I need to do that to mine soon. Jealous you had Friday off even if it was due to frigid temps. I could use a day to sleep in and do nothing! Who created the 5 on, 2 off work week any way?? Happy Monday love! Hope the weather is better for you this week!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Love so many things about this post. Bathroom organization? Yes. The Home Depot/Bed Bath & Beyond/Target trifecta? Yes. Muffins, egg salad, and sushi? Yes, yes, yes. And Father of the Bride? YES! Best movie ever!!! Sounds like a great weekend to me:)

  4. that sushi looks really good!! i really thought that you had a miniature dog on the table...but no, they're just coasters, haha!

  5. Gosh I seriously just want to come spend the weekend with you two! What a great weekend- from movies, to shopping to dates and good food! Love it all! (& Will Ferrel just made my morning hahaha) Hope you have a fabulous day friend! xo

  6. If JLo's dress hadn't been so low cut, it would have been stunning. I wanted to watch The Theory of Everything this weekend...I had grand plans of watching the snow fall with The Pilot and having a nice quiet dinner at home with a movie...and then I got sick and slept all day Saturday. Booo. I'm glad you had a nice weekend though!

  7. Those muffins look delicious! I need to swing by BB&B, I'm looking for a new makeup organizer too. My cabinet is a mess right now.

  8. What a gteat cozy weekend! I want to see the theory of everything! Are you sharing that recipe for those muffins?

  9. What a fabulous weekend. I really want to watch The Theory of Everything, when I first saw the preview for it a few months ago I wanted to see it and I still haven't . It's on my to-do list for this weekend. I too am craving sushi, loved the dresses from Oscar night. I wasn't sure if I liked Emma Stone's dress or not, but then I saw the back and really liked it a lot. But didn't include it in my list of favorites.

    Oh and last thing....I'm super jealous of your snow days. It's cold here in Houston but not cancel school cold. Do yall have to make up your snow days or are they built into your school schedule?

  10. I personally love makeup storage, so that would make me giddy also!! hehe!

  11. What a perfect weekend! I love the Old School reference, but I love Saturdays spent like that! I'm dying to get a make-up storage system like that! Did you get from BBB? Those muffins look amazing! xo

  12. Yay for Friday off, me too! I ALWAYS Think of Old School if I need to go on any combination of those errands on a Saturday – I also hit Bed Bath & Beyond this weekend. Your going to love the makeup organizer – I LOVE mine! I watched Father of the Bride 2 while we got snowed in here – I must have turned on E! just after the first one finished. Those muffins look so delicious.

  13. Sushi is always the most amazing idea. EVER. I really want to see the theory of everything, hopefully we will be able to this week. I loved Reece's dress too! And Jennifer Lopez too. I'm jealous of your kindle and cuddle time. I think I have finally decided I need an e-reader. I know, I am reallllllly late to the party! Hope you have a good week!

  14. I'm craving sushi now!! You've been getting so many snow days! So lucky! Love the makeup organizer you picked out. Where did you buy it from? I really need to get one myself.

  15. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much do you love that makeup organizer????? It does make me insanely happy as well!!


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