Weekend Highlights

What a fun weekend--and of course it went by in a flash! We had some gorgeous weather yesterday which makes me ache for Spring...or a trip to Florida ;)

My weekend highlights included:

-finding out about a meeting happening on Monday at 8am, on Friday at 4:30pm (this same teacher has screwed me over twice last week)

-made plans with 3 friends to do a training together in a week and grab dinner together afterwards

-a much needed Happy Hour with MG and a small group of our friends
and met my friends' new gay boyfriend who is amazing...and he makes gourmet cupcakes!
-had a dinner of multiple appetizers that were insanely delicious (and I didn't feel the least bit guilty about it!!)

-saw the most amazing sunset on the way (January and February skies are some of the prettiest)
this isn't my photo, but it was the DC version of our VA sunset which was breathtaking
-evening time snuggles with this cuddly pup

-a trip to the mall (got my watch sized--in love!!!--and some things returned to Loft)

-had a coffee date with my friend/old roommate--so so good to catch up on life stuff (while MG was at home cleaning the house like a good house-husband haha)

-Saw American Sniper with one of our favorite couple friends. Wow was it intense but so well done. I felt full of so many thankful emotions after that movie. Bradley Cooper was incredible as Chris Kyle.
-double date dinner after the movie at Fireworks

-snuggles on the couch and some Good Wife (with MG, not with our couple friends, in case you were confused ;)
-Early morning Starbucks run

-finished my book The Last Anniversary, and started my next one

-Sunday errands

-Enjoyed the 60+ degree weather with a run outside, and no coat needed! Hallelujah!!!

-took Cooper for a long walk
-ordered Thai food take out with the hubs (a weekend favorite now, and one I'm very willing to make into a tradition haha)

-watched some of the Grammy's and was blown away by T. Swift's gorgeous dress
This is a pop of pink done right!
She is flawless
-In bed to get ready for the week

Back to the grind of a full work week. And a meeting this morning that I've had about 5 minutes to prepare for (grrr I hate stupid coworkers).
Hope you weekend was fantastic, and you had some nice weather wherever you are!

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  1. Oh my gosh that sunset is breathtaking - it doesn't even look real!! Still haven't seen american sniper...really need to make that happen since everyone is having your reaction! I don't even know what I would do with the weather you had this weekend...60 degrees I would literally jump for joy! Saturday night looked like so much fun!! Hope you have a great Monday and hopefully the meeting goes by fast! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Wow that sunset picture is amazing! Anddd I think you should make a trip to FL :-) it was 76 here yesterday! I was obsessed with Taylor's entire look yesterday. Wow that dress was amazing! Happy Monday girl!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. You got a lot in this weekend for sure girl!! I mean how amazing did she look especially with those pink heels!! Some returns from Loft?.....did they send you the completely wrong sweater? ;-) Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!

  4. T Swift was my favorite from last night by far! She looked amazing! I would kill for those legs. Sounds like you had a good weekend, sweet girl!:)

  5. I didn't even remember the Grammy's were on until this morning when I saw it on the news. WE saw American Sniper as well this weekend and loved it. So well done, but so hard to see the end, especially when I remember that day and the caravan through the city to the memorial. So sad, yet so inspiring. I think they did an excellent job.

  6. TSwift was my favorite too! :)

  7. That sunset is beyond beautiful!! Love puppy snuggles! Jealous of that warm weather!
    Xo, Christina @ The New Mrs.

  8. What a GREAT weekend! Sounds like it was the perfect mix of relaxation and being on the go!
    I'm probably the only one who didn't watch the Grammy's last night, oops! Oh well, I only like the red carpet part anyway, ha!

  9. The weather was insane this weekend! Makes me want spring to come that much quicker. I'm excited about this possible Adnan appeal and LOVE Taylor's dress. The color was gorgeous.

  10. Sounds like you had a fun & eventful weekend. That sunset is gorgeous!

  11. Oh wow, I skipped the Grammys but that T. Swift dress is amazing! I saw American Sniper too! Wow, that was intense! I'm interested to see what happens with Adnan's appeal!

  12. Wow, that sunset is amazing! It's doesn't look real! And I vote for a Florida trip soon!!

  13. I thought that picture of DC was your at first. LOL I was very impressed. I think I missed all the good weather - because I didn't even notice it! Terrible right (well I didn't leave the house on Sunday so that may be why).

  14. That sunset is beautiful! And I agree on T-Swift - she looked stunning!

  15. Everyone is talking about that Serial Podcast! I'm so behind on the times I have no clue what it is, but I'm super curious!

  16. Taylor's dress was so gorgeous! I wish we had Thai takeout nearby-I would be getting it way too much though! Haha. :)

  17. So glad you were able to enjoy your weekend! No skiing though? Hope you're staying warm! Don't you just love weekends with furbabies and friends?! Hope your meeting went well. I'll have to text you to tell you about my day! Ha! xo

  18. I cant wait for warmer weather either....we are just buried in snow here in Boston! I saw American Sniper a week ago and loved it! Definitely intense!

  19. never feel guilty about yummy apps. and yes taylor KILLED it with the dress. i am so envious.

  20. The weather was amazing on Sunday...I was seriously missing my dog back home because it was perfect dog-walking weather! I saw American Sniper a few weeks ago and thought it was incredible. I felt silly afterwards because I had no clue of the story before I watched the movie, so I had to run to Google afterwards to have all my questions answered. I loved Taylor Swifts dress/shoe combo...such fun colors! I hope you have an awesome week!

  21. Thai food is my absolute favorite and definitely a weekly tradition around here! TSwift always slays the outfit game so I wasn't surprised haha. I was underwhelmed with the Grammys otherwise though. I feel like they just weren't as spectacular as usual.

    Have a great week!

  22. Your weekend makes me jealous! A fabulous guy that makes gourmet cupcakes? Drinks with friends? (keyword being drinks hahaha) puppy cuddles and nice weather? Yes yes and YES! LOVE you! xo

  23. I am full on jealous that you had even a glimpse of spring!! I know it's all back to snow now, but it would have been nice to be 'spring' for a day here :) Glad last weekend was good to you!!


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