Weekend Highlights/Lowlights

This weekend definitely didn't turn out as planned, but that's life isn't it?
This one was more of a mix of highlights and lowlights. MG came down with an illness late last weekend that really took its toll this weekend. 

Highlights versus Lowlights:
~Friday after work HH with 3 friends from work at a local brewery (highlight)
~waking up Saturday morning at the same time that I do for work, thinking about work (lowlight)

~MG waking up feeling and looking not great (lowlight)

~Spent the day inside due to the weather and MG not feeling well (lowlight)

~Found out that my mom was sick too (lowlight)

~Got lots of tv watching and Kindle reading done while I played nurse to the hubs (highlight)

~Finished House of Cards after pacing ourselves the past couple weekends (highlight)

~Ordered in food and cancelled plans for our wine and cheese get together with friends because of how awful MG was feeling (lowlight)

~Did a little online shopping of the Loft sale and used a gift card from my SIL for my birthday (highlight)
the cardigan looks much cuter in person than it does in their online photo {via}
~Sunday MG was feeling better thankfully and we had a pancake breakfast together (highlight)

~Ran our normal Sunday errands

~I got my massage that I was desperate for and felt like butter afterwards (highlight)

~Got to take Cooper for a long walk since the weather was nice out (highlight)

~FINALLY got to try out this new restaurant that opened by us back in December, but every time we've gone it has a 2 hour+ wait (highlight)

~Gorged on the delicious food--but forgot to take pics other than when we were at the bar area waiting for our table (highlight/lowlight)
Had a deliciously sweet raspberry cider! Yum!
~Had a low key Sunday night

As you can tell, it wasn't exactly the most exciting weekend and our plans changed, but I was glad that I was here to take care of MG when he needed it the most. There will always be more time to hang out with friends :)
I hope your weekend was filled with more highlights than lowlights!

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  1. Love the stuff from the loft ... & of course, the brewery!!! A highlight for sure! ;)

  2. Awwwwwww sorry he wasn't feeling well! We all know how man colds go but a real illness???? He was probably really down for the count! Did you get all your Loft things yet? Did they all make it or did you end up with someone else's cardigan from Iowa again? Glad there was some highlights to help with those lowlights!

  3. Ugh it sucks waking up for work on the weekends when you actually get to sleep in. I do that way too often! That rasperry cider sounds amazing! And love all of those Loft finds!! Gorgeous! Especially that lace top. Yes please! Happy Monday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. So glad I found your cute blog! Sorry MG was sick but glad you had some good highlights mixed in. That massage sounds divine!

  5. Oh hun I'm sorry that MG was still not feeling well this weekend and then your mom too - oye!! I am very happy that you were able to relax, if only for a little with that massage!! You always make the best of everything!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Glad you had some highlights, but sorry to hear about all the sickness! Hope everyone makes a full recovery soon!

  7. Happy hour is always a fun way to kick off the weekend! Isn’t it the worst that our bodies can never get off the work schedules?! I hate/love that I’m always up so early on the weekends now! Glad by the end of the weekend MG was finally feeling better; it stinks that cut out some of your weekend though! Such a great wife you are to take care of him :)

  8. I laughed at the "pacing ourselves" regarding House of Cards! We've been binge watching, too!

  9. I'm sorry everyone around you was sick this weekend! Hope you're taking care of yourself! Saturday was so gross, it's probably better that you stayed in!

  10. I hope MG is feeling better - being sick is no fun, especially on the weekend.

  11. Sorry your weekend was so up and down! (Not sorry about the ups, just the downs ;) )

    28 Week Bumpdate

    Aspen Kelty Marie

  12. Sorry to hear the hubby got sick and hope he's feeling much better by now. Even though it sucks you had to cancel some plans at least you got some online shopping done while at home and the massage sounds pretty fabulous too! ;-)

  13. Raspberry cider sounds amazing! I hope MG feels better soon!

  14. Yay for Loft shopping! Glad MG is feeling better now... :)

  15. Cheers to the highlights and definitely the massage but not so much to the lowlights - I was hoping he would be feeling much better! Boo! Keep us posted and I hope this hasn't been a terrible Monday thus far! Love you and thinking about ya'll!

  16. That lace top is so pretty!! Perfect for spring! :) Too bad your hubby was feeling rotten this weekend! That's never fun!

    I just started watching House of Cards and am totally hooked!! I've been pacing myself so I don't run through it too quickly!

    Hope you have a great week! :)

  17. Great purchases! Sometimes a low-key weekend is a nice change of plans and hopefully everyone is healthy from here on out!

  18. Love that you were able to take care of MG, but hate your plans got cancelled. The sign of a good meal is not taking pictures! :) And love your Loft picks! xo

  19. Sorry your weekend had some lowlights! Its nice that you and MG got to spend so much time together, and finish House of Cards. Hope he and your mom feel better soon! Also I love the Lofts purchases...yay for sales!!


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