Wine? Wine Not!

Who here likes drinking wine?

Dumb question, right? :)

Whether you like reds or whites, I have a list of some of my must-have wine accessories!

If you can afford one, get a wine fridge. We have a 12 bottle one which holds enough wine for us--sometimes we don't have space for new bottles because it's totally full (altho that ebbs and flows depending on season, stress levels, etc), but that's never for very long.
 We have a dual zone fridge that keeps separate temps for reds and whites. Since getting this, I've found that I enjoy my reds a little bit chilled.
This is an 18 bottle dual zone fridge for $269.95 on Amazon
Ours sits in the corner of our dining room, out of the way, but easily accessible for whenever we need or want a drink

The next ones are more affordable and make drinking wine that much easier and better.

This bottle opener. 
$17.99 on Amazon
I got mine for a bridal shower gift and it's awesome. It has a foil cutter in the back, and then you just pop the opener on top of the wine, push the down button and wait for it to pull the cork out! Opened wine bottle in 3 seconds (and no broken corks!)
In order to release the cork, you hit the Up button and it unwinds the cork for you.
Place it back on the charger and it's ready to go when you need it next.
After using this a bunch myself, I got it for a house warming gift for my sister-in-law who loves it, too!

The next accessory is the aerator. This one had great reviews and works like a charm to bring the wines to life. (This one is similar to the one I have):
$9.99 on Amazon

The last must-have accessory is this vacuum pump sealer. 
$20.84 on Amazon
It comes with 2 vacuum sealer tops, as well as 2 pourers (but I prefer the aerator mentioned above) and does a really nice job of sucking the air out of the wine bottle, preserving an open bottle for longer than just sticking the cork back in. It's such a tight seal that you can easily put it back into the wine fridge, laying down, and it won't spill. 
It has a click sound that lets you know when the bottle is properly sealed so you never have to guess. And, it's affordable!

All of these are my must-have wine accessories. Do you have any must-haves?


  1. The wine fridge is on the list for our future place, it's pretty perfect!!! And yes to that wine opener...another item that hasn't made it to our kitchen yet LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. That bottle opener is on my list! A few of our neighbors have them and it works so well!

  3. I received that wine opener a few years ago for Christmas and it is the best thing ever. It makes popping open that bottle of wine so much easier!

  4. I can't WAIT to get a new house so I can finally have a wine fridge! Definitely a must have! I Have that wine opener and it's amazing. SO easy to use. And I have a different aerator but I love it! So many must haves for wine!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. ohhhh, this is something people don't really believe but my husband and I really dislike wine! haha We don't even have a bottle at home! Well, we had one for 2 years that was never opened, so we passed it on to someone who will enjoy it. That fridge is pretty cool though! But we might just need to stick to beer in this household - we have a couple of growlers here :)

  6. When I get a larger apartment, a wine fridge will be a must-have! Love that vacuum sealer too...such a great way to preserve bottles a little longer!

  7. Like Pamela above said, I can't wait for a bigger house one day so that we can have a wine fridge too!!!:) But, until then, I will definitely be investing in that bottle opener and that sealer - what good finds. Anything to keep a bottle of wine good a bit longer is a win in my book.

    I can't wait for my first glass of post-baby vino!:)

  8. We LOVE our Houdini electric corkscrew - seriously, it's amazing. I definitely need the vacuum sealer!

  9. Our wine fridge is seriously my favorite thing! A good bottle opener is key because I am so terrible at opening wine, you’d think I would have gotten it down by now!

  10. We have a halfway fancy bottle opener, it's not the Houdini, but it's one of those simple corkscrews. It makes opening wine so much easier, which I guess is dangerous. I never remember to use our aerator. I also don't know how much good it does on my $6 bottles!

  11. My dual zone wine fridge was seriously my most favorite purchase - Costco for the win of course! I pretty much cannot have red unless its the perfect temperature now. Oh that sealer I just ordered it thanks for the heads up!

  12. Love the fridge! I totally need one in my life. :)

  13. The dual zone fridge is so cool, I never knew those were a thing before! I am a newbie to wine so I don't really have any favorite accessories, so I learned so much from this post!

  14. K bought me the electric opener for Christmas and it has come in handy on MANY occasions. I had a wine fridge in an apartment i used to rent and it was a waste because the wine never lasted long enoug to stay in there. lol

  15. I have all of these except the fridge and that's high up on my wish list! Love the electric opener! xo

  16. oooh i need some wine accessories now that i can drink again!

  17. Some of my favorite items are our wine accessories, we are hoping to find the perfect place for a wine cooler! Xo, Stephanie


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