My First Rocksbox {Review}

A couple of weeks ago Leann had a link for a free month of Rocksbox and since I'd been hearing all about it and wanting to try it for a while, I figured why not?

My goodies came, a little over 2 weeks after setting up my account, in a cute little box that was personalized!

In it, my stlyist had put a necklace, bracelet and earrings, all based off of a necklace that I had liked on the site.

I actually really liked each of the pieces at first glance and liked them each even more once putting them on.

Keep in mind, I took these pics when I had just gotten home from work (because I was that excited) so I didn't pair them with anything other than what I was wearing that day.

I could definitely see getting a lot of use out of the earrings since they're a nice sparkle and gold color. 
I also really liked the statement necklace and could see getting some good use out of that too, with dressing up more plain tops or a dress.
This is with the earrings that I had worn to work that day
this is with the earrings that came with the Rocksbox--they were harder to photograph
The Kendra Scott bracelet was so pretty and dainty and was definitely one that I gravitated towards. It was also the most expensive of the three at $64.
The price for each to buy were:
Perry Street Scarlett Necklace: $54
Kendra Scott Jana Bracelet: $64
Gorjana Pristine Circle Stud Earrings: $36
I wore the bracelet and earrings to work last week

I liked the dainty-ness of the bracelet next to the utility look of my green jacket
So far, I've gotten a lot of use out of the earrings and the bracelet, but I haven't found an outfit to wear with the necklace before I send it back.

I think I'll definitely be trying Rocksbox again, for at least another month, just to see what other goodies get picked out for me!
Have you tried Rocksbox? Is it worth keeping the subscription?


  1. Seems like everyone is doing Rocksbox! The necklace is so cute, I found your blog through Life of Meg. I host a fashion kink up every Wednesday (now live) it would be great if you could stop by :)

  2. I've had it for about 9 months on and off and I really find that I have a harder time parting with the earrings!!! I've kept a few necklaces, but I always come back for more...well I'm going to stop after this month LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love Rocksbox but it is so deadly! They keep on sending me the most gorgeous necklaces and you know I can justify just about do start like building credit when you purchase things for discounts on the next purchase......see I can justify the newest necklace I just got ;-) I love that bright necklace on you and the bracelet looks like it goes with everything!

  4. I get Rocksbox and really like it! It’s such a fun little treat to get in the mail and I love wearing pieces I normally wouldn’t!

  5. beautiful necklace.
    thank you for linking up with us. xo

  6. You got some beautiful goodies in your first box! I did one month of Rocks Box, and although it was fun, I couldn't justify the price to continue.

  7. We just got one of these for one of my girlfriends for her birthday and I’ve been thinking about doing it for myself! The personalization would suck me in – I love the little things like that! I love all your goodies and I’m a huge Kendra fan so of course the bracelet!

  8. I really like the necklace. that's my favorite piece. what is rocksbox? I never heard of it.

  9. Cute stuff! I really, really like that bracelet. Of course it's the most expensive!

  10. Cute pieces! I love the bracelet especially! I miss my Rocksbox subscription!

  11. I really want that Kendra Scott bracelet! I need to look into this box ASAP.

  12. Gorgeous pieces! I have loved every Rocksbox shipment more than the last, it's definitely an amazing membership. Such a great idea :)

  13. Oooooh, love your pretty goodies!! I'm anxiously awaiting my next box!

  14. I just received my first Rockbox last week and have literally worn the earrings I received every day. I loved everything in it!!

  15. I love mystery boxes! So fun! Thanks for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday!



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