Weekend Highlights

I feel like any weekend that you go away, it always feels like it flies by!
This weekend was filled with family since we visited MG's family up in PA.

My weekend highlights included:

~Friday afternoon FaceTime gossip date with my buddy Shay and her cute little lovebug Nicholas
~Drove up to Philly instead of NJ because my BIL was sick with a stomach bug

~Had upside down pizza with my in-laws (ever heard of it? So delicious!)

~Hung out with my other SIL and BIL, the nieces and nephew, and some of their friends who'd come over
MG got attacked by the girls :)
~On Saturday morning MG's dad was incredibly amazing and hooked us up with a contractor's discount on a new, custom-made vanity for our guest bathroom including the granite top.
Can't wait to get it all made, and installed!
~Got to pick out granite from the lot like they do on the home improvement shows

~Went to my nephew's soccer game

~Got to hold a super newborn little kitten that MG's parents' neighbors took in because it had been abandoned
Look how tiny!!!!
~Helped my in-laws pick out new paint colors and flooring for their living room

~This little nugget tagged along:
~The rest of the family came over that night and we all hung out at MG's parents house and got to catch up some more

~Gave my oldest niece one of my college sweatshirts since she's a big fan of my alma mater--kinda neat seeing her in something I used to wear
I loved how excited she was to wear it.
~Left early Sunday morning to have brunch at my SIL's place in NJ since my BIL was feeling better. 
~Took a walk around the lake by their house after a bunch of delicious food!
~Drove home, Cooper passed out from all of the fun from the weekend

~Ran our errands with the windows down and sunroof open

~Enjoyed the amazing weather on the deck in our new zero gravity chairs

~MG grilled special-made burgers on our grill for dinner

~Couch snuggles unwinding for the night

~Game of Thrones and bed

Phew! No wonder it went by so fast! We packed a bunch in. It's always awesome to see everyone and get to spend time together--I really wish that we all lived closer.

I hope your weekend was awesome and fun-filled, too!
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  1. You really did pack a lot in this weekend!! Looks like it was a lot of fun :) and that kitten is so cute!!!

  2. WOW! You did have a lot packed in that weekend. It's always fun to be around family though. But i canNOT imagine how cold it was up there. Girl it was in the 40's here! BRR!

  3. Just a perfect family filled weekend! I'm so looking forward to seeing how your bathroom turns out - gorgeous I just know it!! That baby kitty...I dont usually like cats, but kittys I always love!! Hope you have a great start to your week! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Don't you love the things we get excited about now? I'm like oohhhhh look at that granite slab I can't wait to see the bathroom with that in it! I have a whole pinterest board just devoted to bathroom redesign ;-) You definitely packed a lot in this weekend and that kitty?!?!? Stop so adorable! Glad you got some good family time in!

  5. Sounds like the perfect weekend, minus your BIL being sick! What is this upside down pizza you speak of?!? And that little kitten is so darn cute! I want her! And cant wait to see how your bathroom vanity turns out! That granite is gorgeous! Happy Monday doll!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. What is upside down pizza?? I love pizza so I'm intrigued.

  7. Oh my, I love the granite for your bathroom! It is gorgeous! Send some of that warmer weather to NC, it has been freezing here the past few days :)! Have a great Monday! Xo, Stephanie

  8. Looks like a fun filled family weekend. I haven't had one of those since Christmas! And I won't till school is out. That kitten is just precious! Loved this episode of Games of Thrones. I feel like the episodes have been so slow and now things are finally picking up! I need to read the books. Have a great Monday!

  9. This looks like the ideal weekend, so much fun happening! How exciting that you got to pick out new granite. :)

  10. Awe, what a great weekend spent with family!! We are definitely missing family out here in AZ! So fun that you picked out new granite! I am seriously itching to buy a home SO badly!! We are dying to have a place that we can truly make our own!

  11. Yay! I'm glad you had a good weekend! Best of luck with your bathroom transformation!

  12. Aw that kitty, so cute... but not cuter than that baby! haha :P oh and can't wait to see the vanity!

  13. Look how cute and tiny that kitty is! Sounds like a super busy weekend! That's so cool you got to pick put new granite!

  14. Fancy granite.... love that you got to pick it out and all. The kitten too die for...

  15. Love all your happenings this weekend! That granite is gorgeous! That baby kitten is precious and omg... your niece wearing your hoodie! :) Here's to a good week, love! xo

  16. Damn that baby is cute! Lol! I want to just give him and that kitten a squeeze! Can't wait to see that vanity when it's complete!

  17. That kitten! I can't believe how small it is! Looks like such a fun weekend with your in laws!

  18. OMG, baby!!! He is so cute!! And that kitty?! All the heart eyes. And um, excuse me, what is this upside down pizza you are talking about?! I waaannntttt.

  19. Yay!! So glad you guys had a great visit up here! That kitty, oh my gosh - SO cute!! Upside pizza sounds seriously fabulous!!

  20. Oh my goodness what an adorable tiny kitty!!! I LOVE IT :)


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