A Sick Weekend

I guess the title says it all--this weekend, most of my fun plans went out the window because I came down with another cold of some sort.

Friday afternoon I got a scratchy throat but no other symptoms, so I was hoping it was just allergies.

I got home and bathed Cooper so that he looked nice for when Trish came over for our girls' night. He looked a little like a hermit Yoda (and I couldn't resist taking a pic...much to his chagrin I'm sure haha)
Trish came over and we spent hours catching up over pizza and wine! It was so nice to have quality time with my friend :)

We went to bed at a reasonable time and around 3am I woke up with my throat on fire. I couldn't really sleep the rest of the night. Trish left early the next morning and I spent the entire day on the couch cuddled with Coop
At least one of us was comfortable! :)
Unfortunately, I had to cancel plans to go and see my parents which I'd been looking forward to because I didn't want to get them sick, plus I had zero energy (and almost no voice) either. My sweet mom offered to drive up and bring me cough drops and anything else that I needed (she really is Superwoman), but I told her not to, because I really didn't want her to have to drive all the way here and potentially catch my germs. Love that woman!

I had to cancel my other girls' night that night too. It was kind of a sucky weekend for MG to be away. Luckily towards the evening I felt slightly better and was able to order some Chinese take-out for dinner.
While I was waiting I did a little online shopping and got an amazing deal on this 8x10 rug for our basement (never mind that the flooring down there isn't done yet...or the painting....lol) It had great reviews and I had been planning to get one anyway, so now when the basement gets done, we won't have to search for a rug!
I went to bed early that night since I'd slept like crap the night before--thanks to NyQuil I slept through the night and only had a partial sore throat the next morning, but I had a cough and a slightly stuffy nose.
I tell ya, working with kids stinks sometimes...I hadn't been sick in well over a year, and then in the last month and a half, I'm sick twice.

My voice was better, so I was able to call my mom and wish her a happy mother's day--not exactly what I'd had planned, but alas, she knew I would have rather been with her than sick at home feeling like dog poo.
Luckily MG made it home right around noon. It was nice having him to count on as I went in and out of feeling better, then slightly worse throughout the rest of the day/night.

So, my weekend of big plans kinda went south when I came down with this, unfortunately.  The good news is, I'm caught up on any and every tv show I could possibly have wanted to watch, and I finished my book--silver lining :)
Here's hoping I can make it through the work day today!
I hope your weekend was much more eventful and less sick than mine was!

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  1. ahhh!! I'm so sorry girl - being sick is the worst and I really hope you feel better today!! I'm happy to hear at least you were able to catch up with one friend this weekend and there will always be more girls nights!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh, girl! I'm so sorry to hear this. It sounds like what happened to my son. Very similar symptoms. We thought it was allergies but it came on quick and hard so we realized he had caught something. I sure hope you turn the corner soon! And LOVE that rug. :)

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear you got sick girl, I hope you're feeling better soon! At least you got so,e girl time in before you started feeling really bad.

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I feel ya on the working with kids thing....I've had bronchitis twice this year...never had it before in my life. I 100% blame the germy middle schoolers! Feel Better!

  5. Awwwwww I'm sorry you weren't feeling well!!! Yes little kids are total walking germs. You would think we would be bullet proof by now! Lots and lots of water today!

  6. I seriously love that picture of Cooper – so adorable!! It was nice you had a girls night at home planned since you weren’t feeling your best – sounds like a fun time! It stinks you had to cancel your other plans, how sweet of your mom to offer to come to you – mom’s really are the best! Glad you were feeling a little better by the night – sometimes a little takeout and online shopping alone is nice!

  7. Oh no! I hope you're starting to feel better! You're right, the upside is lots of TV and movie catch up!

  8. Oh such a bummer!! I hate getting sick! It's even worse when you have a weekend full of plans :( So sorry!!
    That rug! Where did you get it?! We need rugs here in AZ since the whole house is tile, but I can't stand the idea of paying full price (or a lot of money, period) on rugs for this house right now, since we are renting. What if they don't match the house when we do finally buy one? But even when we do buy, the house will be all tile since that's definitely the style around here (I guess it helps keep the house cooler?)
    Anyway, hope you're feeling 100% again!!

  9. Awe, sorry you got sick! Hope you're on the mend. :)

  10. I love that rug. Where did you get it? I've been looking for something like that for my living although not sure I can go with white because of my mischievous fur child. lol Maybe a grey one. Hope you're feeling much better today?

  11. I'm sorry your plans were ruined and you felt so cruddy. But what an adorable pic of Cooper *love* :-D

    Hope you're feeling better and have a fabulous week!

  12. aw boo! I'm sorry you had a sicky poo weekend! I'm glad that I got to hang out with you and coop on Friday! love you guys!

  13. Oh no! I'm sorry you were sick with MG gone, but at least your mom was so sweet to offer. You totally deserved some online shopping while you were sick, lol. Hope you continue to feel better!

  14. So sorry you were sick all weekend. I actually had a migraine all weekend, too, so I didn't get to enjoy my Mother's Day Weekend as much as I would've liked to!

  15. Hope you are feeling better friend.

  16. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well. But at least you had a super cute puppy to cuddle!

    You should join my weekend snapshots link up! I do it every Monday! :)

    Her Heartland Soul

  17. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad you were able to relax and take care of yourself. Are you feeling better today? xo

  18. oh girl, I hope youre feeling better! I hate when getting sick ruins plans.

  19. Uh, sounds terrible. What a bummer. I hope you are feeling better! I'm in love with Cooper. So cute!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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