Dreaming ...
of Summer vacation. Only one day away!

Planning ...
our summer trips! So far we have a week at the beach planned, and are looking at visiting our friends down in Charleston for a bit, too!

Drinking ...
watermelon infused water. Because it's freaking delicious!

Reading ...
Still reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I want to finish it before I see the movie. I'm just under halfway through and so far it's good.

Wanting ...
Cooper to get a haircut. He has one scheduled for Saturday, and he desperately needs one. Poor guy can barely see with all the fur covering his eyes!
he's still so dang cute tho :)
Looking ... 
for deals on flights for summer trips!

Enjoying ...
when previews for Magic Mike XXL come on....#drooooooooool

Watching ...
Bachelorette crazies (oh so entertaining), Married At First Sight Reunion (so disappointing) and Orange is the New Black which I'm not that impressed with this season. Season 1 was by far the best.

Playing ...
Yahtzee with Friends. So fun and quick!

Wasting ...
my time at work dealing with crazy instead of spending time with my kiddos

Loving ...

making and trying new, healthy recipes in the past two weeks. I've made three new ones that I haven't shared with you guys (but stay tuned!)

Needing ...
a haircut, massage and pedicure. Basically a day of pampering. I know what I'll be doing next week with my time off ;)

Wearing ...
dresses, skirts, short sleeves, sandals, flip flops. Anything to stay cool on some of these super hot days!

Following ... 
a lot of cool chicks in blog world. You girls know who you are :)

Thinking ... 
about planning a get together at the house with some friends

Feeling ...
incredibly blessed to have so many amazing people in my life

What are you up to currently?


  1. Umm watermelon infused water? You must tell me how to make this deliciousness! And yay for one more day until vacation!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Your healthy eats make me so hungry!!! Ummm I know a quick and easy destination for you to hit this's called BOSTON!!! One more day - you can make it to summer vacay!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ooo I haven't tried watermelon infused water yet...I love watermelon, I need to try it!!! It took me a while to finish Wild too but I really did enjoy it. I haven't seen the movie yet. The Bachelorette is SO crazy this season!!! I can't wait until Monday!!! Hope the crazy dies down at work :[ and I can't wait to see the recipes you share!! Have a fantastic day :)

  4. I keep saying I'm going to do one of these types of posts! I need to get on that :)

  5. I thought I'd be binge-watching OITNB and I've only gotten through 1 and 1/2 episodes, hoping it picks up soon! And YUM to watermelon infused water, that sounds delish!

    And YES to the Magic Mike trailers, the girls went for brunch and out to see the last one and I think a repeat of our girls day is on the horizon when it hits theaters ;-)

  6. Love this post! Hooray for vacation! And watermelon water? Um..I need to make this asap! Yes to bachelorette! Have a fabulous Thurs!

  7. Watermelon infused water sounds delicious, I may have to make some of that today!

  8. Enjoy your last day - must be the best feeling! The watermelon infused water sounds so delicious, what a great idea! Your summer trips sound amazing!

  9. That food looks too good to be healthy, can't wait for you to share the recipes! I'm so sad about the Married at First Sight reunion, I was really hopeful for 2 out of 3 couples. A little too hopeful haha. Yay for summer break, that is really exciting!

  10. I still haven't seen Magic Mike. I'm the worst girl ever.

    Watermelon infused water sounds heavenly. I need to try that!!

  11. I cannot wait for all your upcoming recipe posts - those photos have me drooling! Did you watch Bachelorette this week? What is with d-bag Ian?! I would've given him a right hook to the jaw. I'll be curious to see what you think of Wild once you watch it - I only got a chapter into the book and couldn't force myself to go on any longer, and the movie was not one of my favorites to put it nicely. :)

  12. Love all of your recipes! Hope you get to plan a fun summer vacay! i'm ALWAYS dreaming about vacation! lol

  13. Yay for summer vacation soon! Can't wait to see those recipe posts : ) The Bachelorette is all kinds of crazy this season and I love it!

  14. A day of pampering sounds heavenly! Sounds like you're going to be up to a lot of fun this Summer, I can't wait until we go to Charleston - hopefully it happens sometime soon!

  15. A random get-together with friends sounds fun!

  16. currently reading your blog, eating a sub and having some chips!
    you reminded me I need to call Stitch's vet. Thanks!

  17. YAY summer break! I am sooooo excited for you! Your trips sound amazing! I think we are planning a quick trip to the beach next weekend and I can't wait!
    Girl, I wish we could enjoy that day of pampering together! Sounds heavenly!
    Mmmmm, those meals look so good! I still can't believe I haven't moved in yet... gorgeous basement, amazing food... you got it goin' on ;)

  18. Wishing I could take a nap under my desk......hahahhaha but they keep on finding me and giving me more patients to see! Just kidding.

  19. Yay for summer vacation, it's so close! I know you will enjoy it. :)

  20. Cooper is the cutest, oh my! All of those meals look delicious, you'll have to share a few recipes soon! Xo, Stephanie


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