Weekend Highlights

First off, Happy June!!
I know I say it most weekends, but this one flew by SO quickly. And that's probably because this weekend was another one spent doing a home reno project. Unexpectedly. MG's dad called towards the end of the week to see if he could come down and help us this weekend, so we of course said yes even though it meant some of our weekend plans changed a bit.

My weekend highlights included:

~Friday dinner date night with MG

~Saturday morning eye doctor appointment (boring)

~Started reading The Wild 

~MG's parents came into town around noon to help us demo our guest bathroom. And just for perspective, here's what the floor looked like before--linoleum:
No, we did not paint the bathroom orange. Yes, we hate it. Yes it's going to change.

~The rest of the afternoon MG and his dad ripped out the current cabinet and flooring in our upstairs guest bathroom (the one we've picked out the cabinet and granite for a few weeks ago). 

~A super delicious dinner at The Wharf in Old Town

~Sleepy pups at night 

~Puppy cuddles in the morning
~A full day of work for MG and his dad getting the sub floor and tile down in the bathroom

~Going out shopping for a couple hours with my MIL for decor ideas, for our house and theirs, and to pick out our bathroom faucet
thinking of getting these for our basement guest bedroom 
~Running tile that was being cut by MG on our bottom deck, all the way up to our top floor to my FIL to lay in our bathroom, piece by piece. I'm pretty sure I ran up and down both sets of stairs at least 950 times yesterday. (Hey, it was exercise!)
before the grout (the left shows more of what the tile really looks like)
~Mexican dinner for a reward

~Back home to grout the tile
this is right after it was grouted, so it's not totally done yet
~Said good bye to MG's parents (so thankful for their help--we seriously could not have done this without them)

~Tried to relax for a bit before heading to bed since it was a long day for all of us

Needless to say, we both had a good night's sleep after our weekend of home projects.

The nice part was that our parents were able to stay in the guest room downstairs that was just done, and got to see the basement all done in person. They were totally impressed and my FIL even said he might want to do the same floor in the basement at their place.
We learned a lot this weekend. And, coming up on a year since moving into our house, I'm pretty proud of everything that we've learned and done ourselves in this process of making this house really feel like our home.

Anyway, that was my weekend. I hope yours was fun, relaxing, productive or whatever you needed/wanted it to be!

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  1. What a difference that tile makes already!!! Seriously when people offer to help, you take it no questions asked lol!! Sounds like a really great and productive weekend!! Happy Monday love! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. WOW! The tile!! I'm so envious of all of your renos! So fun!! I'm glad it was such a productive weekend!!!

  3. Love house projects!!! Looks like it is going to be well worth it!!!!! Xo

  4. I love seeing before and after especially with bathrooms and kitchens. The things we get excited about now right? I'm like ohhhhh which faucet did you get? ;-)

  5. The floor looks so fantastic already - what a great transformation!!

  6. That looks awesome!! And isn't the shopping the most fun part!?! :) Have a great week!!

  7. The tile looks fantastic! You guys are so lucky that you had help. Hey, where did you go shopping that you found those window pane frames? I love them!

  8. Love the floor, can't wait to see the finished product! And love that you got mexican as a reward!

  9. Love the new flooring! Love Cooper too! Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  10. The new flooring is looking great - I'm excited to see the finished product! Y'all were super productive! Ha, I need a weekend where we just get stuff done instead of being irresponsible. Maybe this weekend.

  11. Your new floor looks fantastic. Love those window pane frames.

  12. How lucky to have your in-laws want to come and help!! The guys did such a great job on the floor, and I can't wait to see everything you and your MIL picked out in action :)

  13. Loving the new tile! And always loving sleepy pups pictures, they get so exhausted from being so cute :)

    Have a fabulous week <3

  14. Visiting from the link up! I love the new floor, it looks great! Orange is an interesting choice for a bathroom colour, so impressive that you've been doing the demo-ing and instillation on your own! Have a fabulous week! :)

  15. Annnd the orange bathroom is back! haha I remember you sending those pics! The floor is fabulous - you guys seriously rock! (we need to team up and do a couples reno show on HGTV or DIY!) Love the pup cuddles too - Happy Monday love! xo

  16. Nice and productive! You guys are getting so much accomplshed. Love the new floors!

  17. Your new flooring looks so good! Finished home projects make me feel so accomplished too! It's so nice seeing hard work pay off and then getting to enjoy it everyday :)


  18. I'm seriously impressed by all the work you have put into your house!! I can't wait to see the finished product of the guest bath :)

  19. Is that picture from World Market?? I'm so jealous!

  20. floors are a project that definitely intimidates me.. My sister and BIL did most of theirs so I know I have someone to turn to for tips. We have a bunch of carpet, but I'm extremely allergic/have asthma, so carpets eventually need to go..

    looks amazing so far, though! Where were you shopping for the windows? they look amazing!

  21. You guys need your own HGTV show - your on a roll! Loving the new bathroom flooring and what better treat than Mexican?! Your double date with his parents looks like such a fun time too!

  22. That new floor looks awesome! Love it!

  23. Wow that is a really bright orange haha.

  24. I love the floor, you're house looks fabulous with all the remodeling you're doing! Xo, Stephanie

  25. Love love love getting to see all the progress you guys are making on your house! Loving the tile in the bathroom, it's so pretty! I can't wait to see what color you guys choose to paint it!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  26. Looks great! Love the pic of ya'll around the table


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