Weekend Highlights

Another week is here, but this one is my LAST one of the school year! Here's hoping it goes smoothly!

But, I wanted to share some of my weekend highlights first!
My highlights this weekend included:

~Friday date night with MG

~Installed the wall mount for the tv in the basement, and managed to carry that sucker down the flight of stairs without dropping it (thank goodness).

~Enjoyed the power recliner while MG mounted the sound bar

Cooper claimed his spot on the couch
~Did a little shopping at World Market and Home Goods to get some ideas for coffee/end tables.

~Found some super cute curtains for the basement

~Went to Mount Vernon with MG and my work bestie, her husband, sister and BIL for a night of exploring the grounds, getting to see the very seldom seen cellar of the house, all while enjoying beer tastings from several breweries around the area, and some yummy foods.
And a beautiful view:

(a huge win for the night was that my hair didn't go insane in the heat/humidity!)
George Washington's House
It was seriously so much fun to lay out a picnic blanket and some chairs, with friends and a few drinks, and watch the sun set over the water!

~Our new Wegmans opened up Sunday morning! (for those of you not familiar, it's an awesome grocery store chain that has been being built for well over a year and much anticipated--yes I get excited about grocery stores now #sorry20yearoldme)
~Sunday I headed to go see my parents for the morning and spend some time there checking in on them and catching up in person

~Met up with one of my besties, Trish, for lunch at a super yummy restaurant in a newly built up area thats close to my parents' house. Got to catch up over guac and blackened fish tacos--so much yum!

~Went to do a bit of shopping with MG once I got home, and got the most delicious coffee beverage along the way. The whipped cream was a guilty pleasure for the afternoon ;)

~Spent some more time in the basement space--Cooper enjoyed exploring....and blending in with the rug #camouflagecoop
~Learned not to check my work email over the weekend. #toomuchcrazy

~Had Chipotle for dinner, got in some reading, and watched the finale of Game of Thrones, which I think I'm going to stop watching...I can't handle it anymore.

And now I'm off to start the last week of the school year! I hope your weekend was fun and you're ready to take on the week :)
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  1. Yay for the last week of the school year! Haha love that Cooper blends in with the rug, too funny! And that tv looks huge! glad you got to enjoy it this weekend! Happy Monday girl, hope your week goes by fast!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Mount Vernon is so gorgeous and looks like you had a beautiful evening too!! Umm I like your seat watching MG do the hard labor but you are supervising obviously!!! Hope the last week of school goes smooth for you and yay for Wegmans opening - they have the best liquor dept!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I am SO jealous of Mount Vernon! It looks amazing! And OMG, Wegman's is my favorite. It's one of the only reasons I look forward to going to Buffalo! Enjoy your LAST WEEK! xoxo

  4. What a pretty place, looks like a great weekend to me!

  5. WOW! So much to comment on i'll try to remember it all. It sounds like a fantastic weekend! Yay for the TV mount and that pic really shows off how big the room is!
    Mount Vernon looked gorgeous! So fun! And you looked so pretty! Hooray for good hair!
    Totally jealous of your shops; world market, home goods, wegman's!!!

  6. Hooray for your last week! That is so awesome that Mount Vernon holds events like that - I seriously love that place and all its history. Oh, and don't feel bad about being excited about a grocery store - it's those things in life that generally excite me these days, too. :)

  7. Oh, Wegmans...I miss that darn store so much! They have the BEST pre-made sandwiches! Congrats on your last week :)

  8. You guys are doing such an amazing job putting together my future home ;) Your basement is definitely going to be the place to be!!
    Sounds like such a great weekend! GOOD LUCK with your final week until summer freedom ;) I hope it sails by quickly and smoothly!!

  9. Looks like it was a fun weekend. I have yet to visit the new Wegmans, everyone loves it. Mount Vernon is so pretty.

  10. GOT had the craziest (saddest) 2 minutes of the show. I think I might read the book to find out what happens next (although it took me 7 months to read book one of the series). good seeing you on sunday! love cooper blending into the rug. that makes me LOL

  11. Yay for the last week of school - that must be the best feeling! What a full weekend - I love how the basement is coming along, it looks like the perfect space! Exploring Mount Vernon looks like such a fun time! Wegmans is amazing!

  12. Oh my gosh, after I watched Game of Thrones I thought the same thing. But I have to know what happens to my favorite characters....that are left! Bah! It was awful! Glad you had a great weekend other than the devastating finale. lol

  13. That view from Mount Vernon looks beautiful!

    I have so many thoughts on GoT that I couldn't sleep last night. There is no way "he" is really, truly gone. Maybe dead - but I think he has to come back in one way or another. That would be ridiculous if not. This season really tested me.

  14. Enjoy the last week of school! Your basement is really coming together :) I love Mount Vernon! It was so fun to explore it & try their famous peanut soup! Looks like you had a full & fun weekend!

  15. That is seriously the hashtag I've read in a long time. It made me crack up because when I went to Trader Joe's this weekend I was thinking to myself how excited I was that they are finally down here and then I was like.....Amanda how far we have come......getting excited over grocery stores ;-) Those pictures looked so pretty from your weekend!

  16. Yay for fabulous hair despite heat and humidity.. always a win! And LOL at doggy camouflaging... hilarious!

    Have a fabulous last week of school <3

  17. I think "Game of Thrones" is trying too hard to shock people these days.

  18. We don't have a Wegman's here but i've heard so much about it! I get excited super excited too when new stores open in our area. Is that a sign we're getting old? lol Cooper just blends right into the rug. Too cute!

  19. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Yay!

  20. that view is so pretty! sounds like a great weekend!

  21. I'm a teacher and we've been out since May 22 - I can't believe you're still in school! Enjoy your last week :)

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  22. Looks like a great weekend to me! Love the wall mounted tv and little coop just makes my day! You look incredible in that maxi girl! xo Happy bachelorette night!

  23. Have a great last week of school! I'm totally craving Chipotle now that you mention it!


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