Friday Faves

Happy Friday, pretties!!! Hopefully your week was quick and easy and you're ready to roll right into the weekend.
 But, first, let's talk about some faves with some of my faves!

{1} Link Up Success!
Jessi's and my link up on Wednesday was way more successful than either of us could have imagined! I loved seeing what everyone was up to, and getting inspired by! Can't wait to see more next Wednesday (and every Wednesday)!!

{2} On Demand
I love finding new shows to watch On Demand, or getting caught up on shows that I didn't realize had started (like Chrisley Knows Best). Definitely a good occupier of my time when it's too hot outside to do anything but stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning (plus it's prime cuddle time with Cooper ;)
It drives me a little nutty when the show I'm looking for isn't On Demand, though (I still don't get why Bravo picks and chooses which shows are/aren't on there--anyone know why that is?)

{3} Baby Selfies and Giggles
Whenever I get to FaceTime with this little guy, or I get sent selfies of his adorable face from my bloggy bestie Shay, it always makes my day. And being able to make him giggle that amazing baby laugh over FaceTime makes my heart burst! (I could seriously listen to baby giggles all day long :)

{4} New Workout Clothes
I went to Target earlier this week for a few things (and only bought the things on my list, I might add--just call me a walking miracle!), one of which was a few new workout clothing items. I also realized that I have a slight obsession gravitation towards workout clothes in these colors (light purple/pink and gray). Oh well! I'm a fan and that's all that matters. Plus, when you feel cute working out, you work out just a little bit better!
{In store prices: pink/purple top was $16, capri pants were $35, gray top $11; get them online here and here}

{5} Funnies
Speaking of Target...the definition of perfection:
{via} It's the little things, people :)
The perfect way to respond when someone is spewing nonsense:
{via} #craycray
Or give them a new recipe to try:
{via} (this one literally made me lol when I saw it) #hushyocrazymouthfool
The way every day should feel:
I hope your Friday is as fabulous and relaxing as that pup's is!
Catch ya on Monday, lovies!


  1. Hi!
    I love the new workout clothes! I definitely have more ambition with cute clothes!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the workout clothes!! They look so cute and comfy :) I will have to go check it out
    Chelsea @

  3. yay for an awesome first link up! Love the target workout clothes. I could use some new ones but eh. what's the point? love the fucucakes shirt. buahhaha.

  4. Hooray for a successful first link up!! Loved it fact, it made its way into my "Five Loves on Friday" post today! :) I can see why those sweet selfies and hearing cute giggles from your blogging bestie's adorable lit'l guy would make your day!! Sooo cute! :) Loving those workout clothes!! I need to remember what you said about when you feel cute you workout better (great excuse to shop for more workout cuteness myself - lol ;)) Have a fabulous weekend! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  5. congrats on your successful first linkup! :)
    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE those workout clothes, esp the pink top (the back to it is awesome). i do miss workout clothes and running...but i have to take it easy. next spring though i will certainly be back at it! :)

  6. hit publish before i was ready. have a great weekend!!!!

  7. I've never looked through Target's workout clothes section but I definitely am going straight there today after work! I have a slight obsessed with workout clothes, and I seriously agree that it motivates me to get my butt to the gym! Happy Friday lady :)

  8. I have a problem saying no to workout clothes. I always justify that they'll get me to workout more. I definitely gravitate towards black and hot pink.

  9. I bought so same workout tops from Target and i love them!

  10. Glad your new linkup went well! Cute workout clothes! Happy Friday :)

  11. Target could make so much profit from having bars. Our nearest one does not even have a Starbucks, just one of those little food courts with popcorn and hotdogs and such. I have never seen more than two people eating in those...why are they even there?

  12. The memes you find are kinda amazing.

  13. So glad you link up was a success! It was so fun! I can't even imagine if Target had a bar, that would be so fantastic!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. I love doing some binge watching On Demand too and way too hot to be outside – TV time is the perfect alternative. Love the new workout clothes – defintiley does make me a little more motivated to get that workout in! Hope your having the best time today, my friend!

  15. Love On Demand! Nothing better then finding a new show (or even one I've seen and rewatching it) and watching it! :) Love the new work out clothes. Target does it again! Have a great weekend! :)

  16. The Target pin is so true for me too! Love the new workout clothes. Happy weekend!

  17. Love the new workout clothes, girl! I may have to go get some for myself. :) Um, if Target had a bar, I'm pretty sure I'd just move in. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Girl, you know I love me some On Demand and Bravo too:) Loving your workout finds - the back of those tank tops is too cute. Target strikes again. And that cupcake shirt? Dying! Lol!!!:)

  19. I so wish I had a Target near me because I am loving them new workout clothes. I hate living in the U.K for the very reason that we don't have a Target I wish it would catch on or at least bring shipping prices down.
    Can't wait to link up again next week!

  20. Man! Those work out clothes are awesome! Loved your link up! I have my next three Wednesday posts already scheduled! And your funnies! HAHAHA! xo


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