{Guest Post}: The New Mrs

The last guest poster I have for you is the super sweet and stylish Christina from The New Mrs. Christina and I have been blog friends for a while now, and she's let me take over her blog a couple of times while she's been away, so today is her turn to take over my space with some of her Fall Favorites!

Hi everyone and Happy Weekend!   Who is ready for 5pm?! I know I am - not much beats a summer weekend and it's hard to believe this is the last one before Labor Day!

I'm Christina and I blog about a little mix of everything over at The New Mrs.  I'm happy to be guest posting for Jenn today while she soaks up some sun at the beach and enjoys these final summer days.

Let's get right into it, shall we?

Anyone who is familiar with my blog knows that I love a little theme - today I'm thinking all things fall as well as what exciting is ahead this season.  I'm completely torn on my feelings - SO excited for fall, SO sad to see summer go… I think I'll have the mindset of September being part summer/part fall - now that is a win win.

Here's a little peek into some favorites I'm excited for this upcoming season...

Favorite Recipe
I'm not sure about everyone else but in my house this summer we've been all about the grill and BBQ's which have been lovely but I'm excited to get into some of my cooler weather comfort meals and bust out that crockpot more often!  After finding this recipe I am completely craving soups.

Favorite Activity
NFL Preseason is underway and we are just eight days away from college football season.  EIGHT.  I cannot wait - there is no excitement than that of game day and tailgates.  Having football back just screams "fall" to me.  It also makes our weekend afternoons a little more interesting because football is ALWAYS on in the background.  However, if Penn State is on and we're not at the game, then our day is planned around it and Sundays basically revolve on the time of the Cowboys/Eagles games
*that's right my husband and I are fans of opposing teams in the division… same goes for baseball season too ;)

Favorite Looks
I know it's not going to be cool enough for these looks for at least a few more weeks - maybe even longer but I'm loving the idea of fall hats, scarves (always!) and some layering.

one // two // three

Favorite Decor
I love that for much of the fall decor (not including Halloween and such) it can last from September through Thanksgiving.  The colors are easy and there are so many subtle accents to add into your home.

Favorite Sip
Margaritas? Apple Cider? Why not try combining the two - this drink looks like it could be a hit to try at any gathering.

{Least} Favorite…
That fall leads to it getting darker earlier - I dread those nights where we come home from work and it's dark right away - no long nights on the deck, no walks as the sun's setting - just time inside as it's dark outside.

Thank you so much, Jenn, for having me! This was fun and I hope everyone will pop on over to my blog sometime to say hello :)
Thanks Christina! Now that my summer vacation is coming to an end, this post definitely has me looking towards Fall and all of the awesome things that come along with it!

I'm going to add one more favorite to this post--today is the 4 year date-i-versary of MG's and my first date at Cava Mezze! I can't believe it's already been 4 years, and now we're married with a home of our own to start our family in!


  1. I'm right there with you on your favorites. We love fixing potato soup so trying it in a bread bowl is a must this Fall!
    Happy dating anniversary, Jenn!

  2. Wow 4 years!
    Apple cider margarita sounds interesting and that potato soup looks ah may zing!
    Trish - tales from trish

  3. I seriously can't wait for fall and football season! I love soups during the fall because they really are great comfort food! Being only an hour and a half away from College Station we try to make as many A&M home games as possible, but if we can't everything on Saturday revolves around kick off too!

  4. Great Post Christina! I dread it getting dark so early!! Loving the hat trend this Fall. I'm gonna try it!!

  5. Those bread bowls are calling my name... Even if it is only 6am! I'm such a scarf girl and really wear them all year around. Love that fall if coming up... So it's an actual excuse and I don't look so ridiculous! Ha

  6. Awwwww that last picture is so sweet girl! It looks like you have been having a blast on your vacation!

  7. So cute. I just love that las picture. Currently bookmarking that soup for cooler weather!

  8. Thanks so much for having me today! LOVE how you guys took that photo at your first date spot!

  9. I'm dying over that bread bowl! I'm ready for soup season too!

  10. that apple cider marg… omg. that scream Fall! husband and I are currently watching the Panthers/Patriots, we are obsessed with football!! Can't wait for weekends to be all about tailgating and watching games on tv!

  11. Yes to scarves! I also can't wait to start decorating the house for fall since it's the first time we've been in our house for this season. :)


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