Weekend Highlights

My highlights this weekend included:

~Finishing the last day of Summer school!!!

~Relaxing on the deck since the crummy weather finally broke

~Had this pretty arrive and am totally smitten--the cognac band is the best color. I've already worn it every day since getting it

~Low key night in with Thai food and movies

~Ran some errands to prep for having my friend and her husband over for dinner

~Cooked completely vegan for the first time ever (to accommodate my friend's diet), and it was a total success--everyone went back for seconds and there were no leftovers:
(portobello and poblano fajitas--recipe coming at you soon)

~Ate the most delicious vegan dessert ever--I think MG's mind was blow that there was nothing dairy/egg in it!
The leftovers of this guy are in our freezer and omg, I can't wait to dive into the rest of it!
~Had some hilarious conversations with our friends

~Sunday morning trip to Panera
(a chocolate croissant may have also been had, but wasn't pictured because it was devoured in 2.5 seconds :)
~Errands, and dropped off things at Good Will--always feels good to purge

~Visited my dad in the hospital--he's supposed to be released today!!

~Had a yummy chicken-salad salad with the salad we forgot to eat with dinner the night before

~Went for a 4 mile walk along the Potomac River; saw some enormous water-front houses along the way that we were drooling over

~Had a Sunday night dinner and a movie date night to see Mission Impossible 752 5--which was really well done.

And today starts my summer break. First on the agenda: having a repair guy come by to fix our attic fan. I'm kind of partying it up over here, guys. You might have to stage an intervention for all the fun this is gonna be :p
Maybe a trip to Target will be in store which means I'll probably leave with 800 things.

Hope you had a good weekend and your Monday's off to a good start!
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  1. Those recipes - so going to be checking them out, vegan or not, yum! Pretty watch too.

  2. I seriously want to see MI-5 im such a fan of the series LOL! Look at you cooking vegan - I can't wait for that recipe and you better throw the cake in there too because that looks incredible! Love your new watch and hope you have a great Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That cake looks so yummie, cannot believe it was vegan. Yay for summer break. I haven't been to Target in a few weeks. Have done that on purpose because I just buy the whole store. I go in for a few things and before I know it my cart is filled. Love your new watch. So fab! Hope you have a great week.

  4. That watch is perfection! :) And happy first day of summer to you! I have 2 weeks left and will be soaking up every minute of it!

    Have a great Monday!

  5. I LOVE that watch!! I can see why you've warn it daily. And your vegan meal looked delicious!! Most importantly YAY for summer break starting!
    But ps - what's going on with your dad? I must have missed something. :(

  6. Sounds like an awesome weekend, indeed! Cheers to a new week! Xx

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! Thai food is quickly becoming one of my favorites- I love the colorfulness! Woohoo on finishing summer school!

  8. o - that watch! I want that.
    yay for dad getting out the hospital today! let me know if I can drop off food or goodies or anything.
    good for you for cooking allll vegan! that's impressive.

  9. That chocolate looks divine! Hope you have a wonderful first day of summer.

  10. Yay summer break! Relax, have fun, go to Target!

  11. Hooray for summer break and your dad coming home today! I bet you're so happy. Glad that you had a good weekend - those tacos look so good!

  12. YAY for the end of summer school!! This weekend’s weather almost made me forget how terrible last week was. Love the watch – I can’t think of a more perfect one for fall! A night when there are no leftovers is a night you can tell was a good one! Happy to hear that your dad is being released today :)

  13. I love your watch! And thai food and a movie night in is my idea of a perfect night in. Glad to hear your dad is going home, hope he continues to recover!

  14. I'm not big on watches but yours is gorgeous!

  15. Hooray for the end of summer school! When do y'all go back? All of that food looks so so good.

  16. I love that watch! Been wanting a Kate Spade watch for a while, but for now my MK watch does a pretty good job of looking fancy. Think I have to come over to your house for vegan night!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  17. Ohhhhh you know how much I love that watch! I want some of those Vegan recipes they look so yummy!

  18. Love your new Kate Spade watch! Enjoy your summer break until school starts!

  19. LOVE the new watch!!

  20. First day of summer break? Wow - how long will you be off? Schools here start within the next 2 weeks here. I can't believe summer is over.

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

  21. Yay for the last day of summer school! All that food looks delish, sounds like an amazing weekend :-D

    Cheers to a fabulous week gurlie <3

  22. I am so happy to hear that your dad is feeling better and can hopefully come home! I was a vegan for 6 months to adapt a healthier lifestyle and some of the meals I cooked where surprisingly nice and tasty! But I just missed cheese too much ha.
    I can't wait to watch Mission Impossible we are behind in the UK so it isn't out yet so I can't wait to have a night at the movies.
    I am loving your new watch, I am in need of a new one but haven't decided on one yet!

  23. Thai and movies sounds awesome to me! Love the new KS watch and good luck in Target. You sound like me in there.

  24. Mmmm that dessert! Love your watch too. It’s beautiful!

  25. Loving that watch, sweet girl! I told B that it's sad that I am a grown woman and don't have an everyday watch. He said he didn't believe me - then went and checked my jewelry box, came back and said "Well, maybe for Christmas" lol. So even he sees how dire the situation is:)

    Super impressed with your vegan cooking, and definitely interested in that dairy free dessert right about now:)

  26. You did a great job with the vegan cooking! I tried a vegan diet, but it was not for me.

  27. What an awesome weekend! I can't wait for your vegan recipes. Tomorrow is my last day before I have some time off before August 18. I am so excited but I'll probably be doing a lot of the same things. xoxo

  28. LOVE your watch!! I have a black Kate Spade one but dying for a brown or tan one!! Also, that pie looks amazing! Share the recipe in a post soon?!?

  29. The walk along the Potomac sounds amazing. I think the last time the hubby and I had a movie date night was the last time we were in DC...way too long ago!

  30. Thank goodness for the end of summer school, I am sure you are so happy! I love that watch too! Xo, Stephanie


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