Weekend Highlights

The weekends are definitely flying by...the closer we get to the end of Summer, the faster they go. Thankfully, this was a really fun weekend filled with all kinds of good stuff!

My weekend highlights included:

~Friday morning coffee and cuddles with Coop
~spending the afternoon of beautiful weather with my friend Bree at the pool
~tried a new pizza place by us for dinner and it was super delish!

~rocked my new Kate Spade multi-colored glitter earrings--totally in love with them
~MG and I went into DC to see Bree's husband DJing at the W Hotel, and saw the prettiest sunset on the drive in
~had some celebratory drinks, sitting outside, enjoying the music, the pretty weather and the people watching
~had a pretty killer parking spot in front of the National Monument, and an awesome view of Jefferson on the drive home
~ran errands Saturday morning for our dinner party later that night

~cleaned the house, did laundry and prepped dinner while MG did yard work

~snuggled with Cooper while we waited for our friends to arrive
~Cooked the teriyaki salmon recipe with sriracha cream sauce that I posted about here (so easy and so delicious), with  rice, some spicy sautéed sesame zucchini in soy sauce and edamame on the side--everyone had clean plates at the end (Shauna Niequist would have been proud! :)
~angel food cake, with sliced strawberries and cool whip for dessert
~4 bottles of wine and a late night hang on the deck

~Sunday Costco run to prep for our upcoming beach trip, plus other errands

~picked up a new pair of sunnies--loving the tortoise pattern on them
~had lunch with my parents to celebrate my mom's birthday

~long walk with MG and Coop followed by some snuggles on the couch
~rested and relaxed the rest of the night, and prepped some blog posts

~watched Bachelor in Paradise and went to bed

It was a seriously great weekend, and I'm kinda bummed it's over. And we're looking at some pretty hot and humid days this week which kinda stinks. Thank goodness for air conditioning!
I hope your weekend was awesome, too!

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  1. So jealous you got some sun this weekend! We've had so much rain lately, I miss the pool. And loving your new sunnies! I love the tortoise shell print! Puppy snuggles are the best over the weekend (or any day). Happy Monday pretty!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - bottles of wine consumed - you guys are party animals!! I love that your friends husband is a dj - that is so cool and even better that you were able to enjoy your drinks at the W and people watch too!! Enjoy your Monday love! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. So did you end up keeping both pairs of earrings or just the multi? Either way is a good choice!
    And i lOVE those sunnies!!
    Glad you had a good wknd!!

  4. Sounds like a packed weekend - but so fun! The dinner menu sounds delicious! We had people over last month and I made your Chicken buffalo dip recipe. Oh, dear. It was gone! Everyone loved it and I shared your recipe with all the attendants - that good!

    Loving the shades! That pattern is everything.

  5. I was wondering the same about the earrings, did you keep both? Also, that dessert makes my mouth water..I love angel food cake like maybe a little too much and Cooper couldn't get any cuter even if he tried!

    Linds @ not a mom

  6. Coop is sooo precious! Gorgeous sunsets are one of my favorite things ever. I'm loving your new sunnies, super cute! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  7. What a fun weekend! Happy Birthday to mom! I love that you and MG always are hosting in your new house. Very fun & cute!
    Trish - tales from trish

  8. I want to lay by the pool. I want to have friends over for dinner... I want to sleep lol. Cooper is just too cute, seriously he needs to be a model pup.

  9. Multiple puppy snuggles always add a little more to a great weekend! Great pictures of DC! -Dorrie @ Rt 1 US 1

  10. Upcoming beach trip?! YAY! Wish we had something like that to look forward to (I'm still dreaming of our beach trip down to Mexico- it was so perfect that I'm wishing we could do it every month, ha!) but I guess looking forward to having a baby will have to do, HA!
    Such a great weekend! You fit in so much!

  11. Pool days are always the best -- well, your whole weekend looks pretty awesome. Love your new sunglasses!

    xo, Carly - soak and simmer

  12. Coop is so adorable! :) Such a sweet face.

  13. Puppy snuggles! Angel Food Cake! Perfect weekend :) xx.

  14. You had such a fun and busy weekend! I'm glad that you're enjoying your new earrings, even though you still can't decide what to do with the pink pair. :) I'm jealous of your pool day, and little Coop is so darn cute! Here's to a good week ahead, friend!

  15. The menu for your dinner party sounds amazing! Sounds like an dun and productive weekend which is always great. Love those sunnies!

  16. Sounds like a fun weekend, I love the earrings. you sound like you didn't hardly sit down at all running all over the place this weekend.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  17. Ohhhhh so many pretty things! Love those new sunglasses and glad to see you are rocking those earrings ;-) Dang girl you definitely got a lot in this weekend!

  18. Hi Cooper :) looks so relaxed in that photo! You have the best views down there in DC. The dinner party looks both delicious and so fun. It’s too hot here this week too – I’d like the weather from fall but to continue in “summer” for a few more months – is that too much to ask?!

  19. What a fun weekend!! Beautiful sunset!! Rooftop hotel parties and 4 bottles of wine with friends...we'd be great friends!! LOL Will be making that salmon recipe soon!! Have a great week!!

  20. Can we talk about how jealous I am that you get to see all the pretty monuments right nearby?! And loving your new sunnies - super cute :)

  21. I need that strawberry dessert. With mounds of whipped cream and ice cream:/ I cannot wait until dairy can become part of my life again (though Vivi is worth every day without it, lol!) Glad that you enjoyed a good weekend, sweet friend. Soak them up before your summer comes to an end!

  22. A weekend at the pool sounds perfect and what a gorgeous sunset!!

  23. LOL at Cooper's face in the very last picture.

  24. Cooper is such a cute little dood! Love the views from your night in D.C. at the W! Your wind down of summer seems like it's quite the fun! Enjoy, girl! xo, Champagne&Suburbs


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