It's been a minute since I did a currently post, so I figured, why not do one this week?
Dreaming ...
of the weekend. A day that I can sit at home in the morning and I'm not stressed out by scheduling, meetings, edicts that come from above and then get reversed on you...etc.

Reading ...
The Royal We. I haven't gotten very far in it because I've just been vegging out when I get home from work, but I hope to get more reading time in.
Playing ...
The Beebs' song What Do You Mean...still...I'm only semi-ashamed to say it.

Watching ...
Ladies of London, Below Deck, WAGS (thanks to my coworker for getting me addicted to this show over the weekend), Real Housewives...basically almost all Bravo (nothing new here!)

Thinking ... 
I might lose what's left of my sanity this year. 
easy meals. Being back at work, and ending later than we did last year, makes me that much less motivated to spend a bunch of time cooking. Quick and easy has been the name of the game this week!

Drinking ...

lemon-infused water, but dreaming about the apple cider mimosas I posted yesterday.

gifs with the gif keyboard. Best. Thing. Ever. Sooooooo funny.

Wanting ...
a cute white and black striped dress for the Fall so I can recreate this outfit:

I have everything else for the outfit!
Looking ... 
forward to a BLATE tonight with Christy. It's been a bit since we got together so it'll be awesome to catch up in person instead of just over text and gchat! Not to mention, sparkling sangria is on the menu!!!!

Enjoying ...
these nice cool mornings, and warm afternoons. Not too hot, not too cold, and no humidity! Perfect weather to drive with windows down and sunroof open!

Wasting ...
time in my car--our county changed the start time of HS, making it later. So now on my morning drive I get to sit in my car (sometimes 2-3 times during my commute) for 5 minutes waiting for all of the HSers to pile onto the bus before I can continue on my way. One stop, I swear there were 75 kids getting on at one stop!

Loving ...

my new Fall Essie nail polish color that arrived yesterday. I can't wait to wear it!!
that I have to wait a bit to wear that nail polish because I'm trying to let my nails recover from a gel mani and then wearing the other pretty Essie nail polish I got over the summer on repeat for several weeks in a row #damagecontrol

Trying ...
a new organic face mask--it's supposed to help reduce pores and blackheads as well as wrinkles. So far, I'm liking it--full review hopefully to come!
Wearing ...
layers! With mornings in the 50s, and afternoons in the low 80s, it's all about the layers! I also busted out a scarf yesterday (a light Spring-y one), and it felt goooooood!

Fall stuff, and other things for Jessi's and my What's Hap-"Pinning" link up on Wednesdays!
Feeling ...
excited that the hubs is coming home from a work trip he's been gone for since Sunday--it's never the same at home when he's not there. I know Cooper will be giving all kinds of tail wiggles when he walks through the door!

Grateful For...
supportive friends who listen to your life stresses and make you feel better, even if they can't do anything to change the situation. And a pup to cuddle with at the end of a long day :)

What are you up to currently?


  1. So much goodness in this post! Fun fact about wags, that girl Barbie is from Jacksonville so I always saw her when we were 18 and going to the clubs LOL!! I'm trying to let my nails recover too - so much Gel this summer lol!! Easy meals for the win I can't be in there for more than 20 min lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. LOL so is it bad I'm reading The Royal We for the third time? I need to download a new book for the train really badly. And love that new fall Essie color you got, what color is it? And yes to those mimosas you posted yesterday. I need those!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I want to read that book! Loving Ladies of London. And need to stock up on some pretty fall Essie colors. I'll keep a lookout for a dress like that for you:)

  4. Cute post! I like reading this kind of post♥♥

  5. Let's face it, everything in Bravo is just pure amazing-ness! I love the fact that Ladies of London is back, and they're even crazier than ever! And that black and white striped dress with the boots is so cute! I can't wait for fall weather to get here!

  6. Well, at least you'll look fabulous! I'm going to lose my mind and everyone will see it reflected in my appearance, bahaha!
    Girl, SOMEDAY we will have our blate! Right??

  7. I am so happy that Ladies of London is back. I'm been loving it. I need to get a dress with sleeves - that outfit is super cute.

    xo, Carly | carly blogs

  8. Love doing currently posts every now and then. Love love that outfit I have almost everything for that but the striped dress, I'm on the hunt for one! Loving that Essie nail polish!

  9. I love a good currently post, such a fun way to see what the blogger has been up to lately!
    I have the exact same Essie nail polish shade and trust me when I tell you how awesome it looks, it lasted me 4 days with no chipping. I used a base coat, two coats of the polish and a top coat and it didn't chip until day 4 I call that a success.

  10. Oooh I want that striped dress too - it's perfection! And YES to Ladies of London and reading The Royal We. I'm about 1/4 of the way through the book and already hooked :)

    Green Fashionista

  11. I just finished The Royal We earlier this week - I loved it! It's a cute, light-hearted chick lit read. I think you'll enjoy it. Check Target for the striped dress - you would look great in that outfit!

  12. Currently posts are some of my favorites! I LOVED that color nail polish! What's it called? I'vve been looking for a new fall color and that one is perfect! :)

  13. what is gifs keyboard? sounds like something I want/need lol. I watched a bunch of episodes of WAGS over the weekend. that mess sucked me right in. crazy.
    Trish - tales from trish

  14. What is WAGS? I feel like I need to google this and gifs! Hopefully you will have the nice relaxing weekend you are hoping for! I can't wait to hear about that face mask...I have seen a few other girls try it, but haven't heard a review!

  15. Oh I love that Essie color, so pretty!

  16. Ah get going on The Royal We, it's so good I already want to read it again! And send me a sparkling mimosa while you're at it ;)

  17. So jealous you and Christy are having a Blate!! I think I need to come back to DC to hang out soon ;) I'm sorry you're so stressed with work, too...that's terrible. I feel like I am wayyyy out of blogland because I haven't really had time to catch up lately so I'm slowly getting back into it and I've missed reading yours!! I have a new blanket scarf like the one in that pic and I can't WAIT to wear it!!! I am really ready for fall, but not so much winter which is just around the corner from that, haha.

  18. OMG I got sucked into watching that WAGS show. Like 2 hours had passed and I was ashamed to admit that I was still watching, haha!! That nail color is amazing, I cannot wait for Fall nails!

  19. Love all those Bravo shows! I can't wait to catch up on them this weekend. Vegged on WAGS last weekend... so good! I want to read The Royal We soooo bad. I just have to bite the bullet and buy it!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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