Dreaming ...
of the 3 day weekend ahead of us. And Friday is a teacher workday, which almost feels like a vacation since I'll actually have time to get my work done instead of working it in between seeing my students. 

Reading ...
The Royal We--I finally got back into reading (this weekend of crummy weather made that super easy to do) and have been absolutely loving The Royal We. Highly recommend it so far!
Listening to...
Downtown (which I shared with you last week as the weirdest and catchiest song ever), and Lean On by Major Lazer

Watching ...
ALL THE SHOWS!!!! Ladies of London, Below Deck (Rocky, Dane and chef Leon are all nuts), The Good Wife, Big Bang Theory Homeland, Ballers....I've officially given up on Greys Anatomy, though #RIPGreys

Thinking ... 
I should really plan a trip to go visit the wineries in our area again, especially as the leaves start to change--it's the perfect scenery for some wine drinking!
(from last year)
cool weather meals, like soups! I tried out a cauliflower chowder on Tuesday night and it was tasty! Recipe coming soon, but a teaser picture in the meantime:
Drinking ...
I finally had my first PSL of the season over the weekend, and then had one again on Monday because we ran out of coffee creamer at the house, and that was all I needed as an excuse to get another PSL!

in the mornings with my friends. About pointless things that make me laugh and start my day off right :)

Wanting ...
some cute dark cranberry clothes, like what I posted about yesterday. I found the perfect combination of the cranberry color, and the elbow-patch trend:

it has gold glitter elbow patches!!!
~I think I'm in love~
Looking forward to ... 
getting to see my in-laws (parents, SILs and kids) this weekend. We haven't seen them since the last week of summer vacation at the beach (minus various Facetimes with my nieces), so it'll be really nice to get to catch up and see some of the kids' games. Plus, it's a long weekend which means we wont have to rush up and rush back.

Enjoying ...
that we've gotten some really gorgeous mid-70 degree days this week after the icky, chilly, rainy week we had last week. It's been nice to drive home in the afternoons with the windows down and the sunroof open.

Laughing ...
at this super cute dog pillow--it totally made me laugh when I saw it for sale on zulily. If it wasn't $28 I'd totally get it
zulily. I always thought it was only for kids' stuff, but they have a TON of really great things. I just got a bunch of Fall decor from them; they also have boots/apparel on sale, and right now they have an essential oil diffuser on sale for $10 less than getting it through Amazon. Highly recommend checking it out!
$24 on zulily
that I didn't get a photo of this guy on a rooftop near my work yesterday. He was wearing a red and white thick striped shirt, jeans, brown work boots and totally looked like the Where's Waldo character. In case you were looking, I found him--he works on roofs now!
Trying ...
the essential oil thing--a friend of mine is totally into them, and the more I see about how awesome they are from people like Paige, the more I think I need to try them.

Wearing ...
stuff from my latest Loft haul! This one is a definite favorite (can you tell I'm seriously obsessed with dark cranberry/purple colors?)

lots of recipes like soups and other warm, comfort foods that I'll share on Jessi's and my What's Hap-"Pinning" link up on Wednesdays!
Feeling ...
excited that next weekend we'll get to see our friends in Minnesota, including MG's best friend and fiance who will be coming out from NY, get to go to a Vikings game, and spend time with our friends' adorable little kids too. The gang will be back together again!

Grateful For...
MG--for all of the sweet things he does, the ways he knows how to make me feel better instantly, and for being by my side through all of the ups and downs of life.

What are you up to currently?

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Huh, I was totally wondering what happened to Waldo! Ha! And I have that sweater just in a taupe color. It's so cute for fall! You definitely need to hit up a winery in the fall... at least for me since I can't! :) <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Yay for teacher work days! My absolute favorites! And pumpkin spice lattes.

  3. Wineries sound like a fantastic weekend trip to need to do it!!! I'm jealous of your 3 day weekend!!! The cranberry color is definitely a good color for you. I haven't really gotten into essential oils either even though my sister & best friend use them all the time and swear by them. Maybe someday... Yay for getting to see your friends soon!! You have lots of great stuff going on currently, Jenn :)

  4. So jealous you get Monday off...ahhh!! I think you need to get that cardigan - it was meant for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Cranberry color for fall a favorite over here too. PSL, I had my very first one from Starbucks the other day since I wanted to know what the fuss was all about. Maybe it's me and not a big coffee drinker, but I wasn't super impressed. Again, it was tasty, but I think I would prefer a plain old cup of coffee with real cream and 2 sugars in it.

  6. Currently drinking coffee with pumpkin creamer and pretty sure I might get a PSL later. Give me all the pumpkin flavored things!!! Husbands are the best right?! Mine totally cheered me up yesterday. It's so great having someone by your side every single day to lean on, because life is just downright hard sometimes!

  7. I'm so behind on all of my bravo shows! My husband is going out of town soon, so hopefully I'll be able catch up soon. A trip to wineries sounds like so much fun, especially with the beautiful colors of fall in full force!

  8. I’m reading The Royal We too! I’m on about a chapter in, but excited to keep going!

  9. I love this kind of post! I'm currently planning what I need to pack for a little weekend away this weekend.

    Hollie |

  10. I need to read The Royal We, looks like a great read! I start every morning texting a funny meme or ecard in my group text with my cousins, such a great start to the morning! I love that cardigan!!

  11. No don't give up on Grey's yet... I may be the only person still watching! Must see what happens... Lol. I have not shopped at Loft in.. gasp... over 9 months.... so weird since half of my closet is usually from there. Just so not into shopping (er don't have time baby clothes are cuter). xoxo

  12. So ready for some cooler weather and yummy soup recipes! I'm loving all things cranberry, wine, etc right now too. It is just a perfect fall color. Our teachers have in service Monday and I took the liberty of taking Monday off to stay home with my kids so I'm excited about a 3 day weekend too. Hope you enjoy and have a super productive work day.

  13. The Royal we has been sitting on my desk for months – I’m hoping for the time to read it soon! That pillow is adorable! I always get so excited when a big friend reunion is on the horizon too!

    Enjoy the long weekend! And family time – that’s the best!

  14. Ahh I would love another three day weekend! I only get a one day weekend this week! That soup looks awesome...I can't wait for you to share the recipe. Enjoy the time with your in-laws!

  15. Awwww Waldo! Super nostalgic! Jealous of your long weekend, and yay for The Royal We! Hoping to finally finish it this weekend <3

    Green Fashionista

  16. So many awesome things on your post today! That book looks interesting I need to Good Reads it. Congrats on your 3 day weekend...I believe I have one coming up too, yay!!! Slightly addicted to Ladies of London here! xo Amanda

  17. Zulily is a danger zone for me. I love it.

    Also love cauliflower soup, awesome LOFT sales, and that cardigan with the elbow patches! I might need it.

  18. OMG I am obsessed with that puppy pillow! If only it weren't $28...

    Enjoy your long weekend!!!

    Lauren :)

  19. I'm so excited for the 3 day weekend! yay!

  20. I am all about soups lately, they are the best and so simple!

  21. I haven't tried zulily yet, but I really want to. I've heard such great things about it! I have been wanting to bust out my slow cooker, and I definitely want to do that to make some soup or stew this weekend.

  22. I think you need to get that sweater and give me a full report because I am in love with it!

  23. I love that cardigan! The color is so pretty and of course the sparkly elbow patches. I want one! lol Good to hear you have had nice weather!

  24. Ahhhh that sweater with the glitter elbows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is it from? I am in love! I am a huge fan of the dark jewel toned colors. I haven't checked out Zulily before but clearly I need to! The Good Wife is so good!!! I am not sure how I feel about this season of Big Bang, though at least they are doing nerdy things again and Penny seems to be more like her original character. Why did you give up on Greys?

  25. Love that we are reading The Royal We at the same time! I'm sooooo close to being finished. How far are you? Ladies of London is so good this season. Great cast. They're all crazy.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  26. that recipe looks like something i might like! I love the AM texts and Below Deck is SO good. lol. Trish - tales from trish

  27. I love this! I've done a post like this before. Ps I host a link up (one was yesterday) about books!!! You should check it out :)

  28. I'm with you; I gave up on "Grey's Anatomy." Womp-womp. But I'm loving "Ladies of London" this season! (Although Julie is kind of annoying me this season. She seemed so strong and different last season!)

  29. I loved The Royal We! Such a cute book!

  30. I'm still sticking it out with Grey's. I am pretty sure in still in denial and this isn't really happening!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  31. That cranberry colored sweater is gorgeous!! I need to add the Royal We to my reading list right now! We're going away for the weekend and I need some good reads that I can indulge in after I finish studying ;)

  32. I am totally hooked on Ladies of London. Even though we cut cable I am purchasing the shows on iTunes. I stopped watching Grey's last year. After McDreamy left...Glad you liked the Royal We. I have heard such good things about it. I started it but couldn't get into it. I probably just need to read more of it to get hooked.

    Annie- All Things Big and Small


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