Currently....(and a giveaway!)

Today felt like a good day to do a 'Currently' post!
Reading ...
Eight Hundred Grapes which was recommended to me by Karly. I'm just over half way done with it, and I'm liking it so far!

Listening to...
music on iTunes radio while I cook dinner in the evenings. Something about dancing around the kitchen while you cook is super relaxing and fun to me. Cooper just looks at me like I'm crazy (and waits for me to drop some food off the counter) :)

Watching ...
Below Deck finale (Rocky is nuts and Eddie disappointed me),  Apres Ski (I'm not sold yet on this one, and am about to give it up), T-Pain on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night was hilarious!

Thinking ... 
I need to slow my roll on the online shopping (at least for things for myself haha)


a bunch of stuff in my crock pot. This week alone I made Crockpot Salsa Chicken, and Cheeseburger Soup! Fall is the best time for using the crock pot! (and thank goodness for crock pot liners! They are the best!!!)

Drinking ...
lots of water--trying to stay hydrated and avoid getting the bad headaches I've had the last couple of days

Wanting ...
someone to buy me a full set of gold flatware for Thanksgiving. I don't feel like spending $150+ on it, but I waaaaaaaant it....

Looking forward to ... 
a short work week next week, followed by family time, and a long weekend!

Enjoying ...
that the Fall weather has really been Fall weather for the entire time it's been Fall (with maybe some dips back into Spring weather). Usually it feels like Fall lasts only a week or two, but it's been nice not to bust out my winter coat yet!

Laughing ...
at how many peanut butter pretzel bites I've eaten since we got the big tub at Costco this weekend. The answer: too many, but they are so damn delicious!

my new Rebecca Minkoff crossbody in aubergine. It is perfection! (yes I'm still talking about it because it's so pretty!)
when people at work make popcorn at 9am next to my office and force me to smell the buttery goodness for the rest of the morning. If you make popcorn at work, you have to share! (At least it wasn't burned popcorn...)
Wearing ...
one of my purchases from the Nordstrom sale over the summer, and my new booties. It's finally been cool enough to bust out this top--oh so comfy!

stuff for Thanksgiving decor, table set up ideas, etc like what I shared on Jessi's and my What's Hap-"Pinning" link up on Wednesday (yesterday)!
Feeling ...
excited that we're going to have all of the rooms of our house filled for Thanksgiving for the first time! I'm excited to have everyone here, and celebrate together!

Grateful For...
sisters-in-law who are like real sisters to me, that I can call at any time of the day about anything. I'm so grateful that they're in my life.
What are you up to currently?
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  1. I read Eight Hundred Grapes and thought it was so cute! And whatever is in that crockpot...I need the recipe for immediately! I need to stop with the online shopping too... my bank account will thank me! And thanks for joining my giveaway pretty lady! :) <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Exactly how I feel about shopping at this moment too - I keep buying for myself haha! The women I work with continuously bring in brownies, cookies and other goodies and my problem is they DO share wahhh! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I've been eyeing a Rebecca Minkoff bag.. They are so pretty! I think I'll hold off and put it on my Christmas list haha.. The popcorn at the office should be an offense.. Popcorn for all haha delicious! Xo

  4. My husband has basically made a rule in our house that I'm not allowed to shop for myself once November hits so he can actually buy me a Christmas gift. The Sephora sale didn't count this year, although I did buy myself some perfume for Christmas...
    Crock pot liners are the best! We had a chili cook off at work and I was the only one not scrubbing my crock pot afterwards!
    So exited to be helping Pamela celebrate her blogiversary with you and a bunch of other wonderful ladies!

  5. omg bravo - give me all the bravo haha. i haven't watched the below deck finale yet but it's on the dvr! and i'm not fully into apres ski yet but i want to be. we shall see. loving your RM bag! i am rocking mine this weekend to travel - i swear it's the best!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I've never fully understood why people insist on popping popcorn at work. I agree that popcorn is a great snack, but why not pop it at home and take it to work in a tupperware container like any other snack!?

  7. Omg yes I bed to slow my roll on the shopping, I try Christmas shop, but end up with more stuff for myself!

  8. I have purse envy and sweater envy. And sister in laws are the best. I love having Holly to help me navigate the Winter family waters and just chat with. You are so lucky to have them and the cutest nieces ever.

  9. Haha I am sometimes the popcorn person. But never at 9am! And I do stand by the microwave the whole time to make sure it doesn't burn. I also want someone to buy me gold flatwear.

  10. I've been feeling the same way about shopping! And that gold flatware needs to find it's way into my dining room next week! Cheers to a fabulous giveaway with an awesome group of girls <3

    Green Fashionista

  11. I'm halfway through Eight Hundred Grapes right now, too! So good! I'm trying to get through it fast because I have The Royal We up next and everyone has loooved that one :) Such a great giveaway, fingers crossed!

  12. That Rebecca Minkoff bag is so cute! Eight Hundred Grapes is on my list to read after hearing this and reading some comments I'm going to have to download. My husband is obsessed with Below Deck he needs to get caught up on the finale! I've been eyeing gold flatware forever but just can't justify buying it!

  13. I've got to start using crockpot liners. I use it so much and cleaning it is so annoying!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  14. I really like that below deck show, I am surprised that I do.

  15. In laws who are like real family are few and far between.

    I love that top from the Nordstrom sale! Really cute.

  16. Yay, I'm so glad that you're enjoying the book so far! I'm telling you that you should just buy the gold silverware as a hostess gift to yourself, I see nothing wrong with it. I've totally be an online shopper addict lately, too - I don't know what's up with that!

  17. Super cute post! I love everything on Bravo.... And those crockpot meals look delicious :)

  18. I love "Currently" posts! I have Eight Hundred Grapes on my to-read list, and I can't wait to hear what you think of it. I love your style, that bag looks great!

  19. Oh I love the new purse especially the color! Hope you post your cheeseburger soup recipe soon!

  20. Oh my gosh the online shopping – between me being like you and not able to control myself and the actual shopping for gifts – our mailman must think we’re crazy! Yes to the crockpot – that’s just about all we’ve been doing – so good and so easy! Thanksgiving week is always one of my favorites – love the short week!

    I hope those headaches keep getting better!

  21. K I love that cross body bag so much!! It looks great on you and the color, swoon! :) Post all your crock pot recipies, please! :) I love using the crock pot for dinners because it's sooooo easy! And fingers crossed I win the giveaway!! totally entered and already making a wish list ;)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  22. I love cooking crockpot recipes. It's so easy to just throw stuff in the crockpot and then you can just freeze your leftovers for another week. The cheeseburger soup looks great!

  23. I am LIVING for that long weekend, I am so excited about it haha. No school, no work, just nothing going on!! Oh, and tons of food :) :) :) I love that gold silverware but $150?? HAHAH. no way. I entered the giveaway!! So exciting for you to be apart of it!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  24. Crock pots really are heaven sent!! Especially with my littles running around, a crock pot makes dinner MUCH easier :) Costco pretzel peanut butter bites are AMAZING! No shame in eating like 100 in one sitting- ha! Fingers crossed with that giveaway!!

  25. oh my gosh I commented twice haha I'm so dumb, obviously hit enter a LITTLE too soon :)

  26. You have totally inspired me to rock out while I cook tonight ;)

  27. I just recently found crockpot liners and oh how thankful I am. Best invention EVER!!!!

  28. That cross body bag is to die for! And the color just makes it. Your soups always look so yummy, we try to make soup in the crockpot every Sunday!


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