Retrieval Day: aka Leggo My Eggos

Yeah, I've been holding on to that title for the last week or so :)
 The longer title was "Leggo My Eggos so I can get Preggo".
Today (this morning) is retrieval day! Hoping for an easy surgical procedure, with some good results at the end, and in the coming days! Send us some positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, juju...whatever you've got and are willing to send our way, we'll take!

And before I go, I wanted to share the text of this article that my friend shared online yesterday.

"An Open Letter to the TTC Sisterhood

If you’re reading this because it’s addressed to you, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry that even though you make it your mission to stay positive and grateful, you wake up every day with an ache in your heart that never seems to go away.
I’m sorry that people can be so unrelenting and naïve about your struggle with infertility.
“When are you having kids?”
“You just need to relax, and it’ll happen!”
“Have you tried tracking your cycle?”
“You should really just adopt.”
“Maybe your body is trying to tell you something.”
I’m sorry that when people are so unrelenting and naïve, you have to calm the lump in your throat before it turns into sobs, the anger in your heart before it turns into rage, and answer with dignity and grace when it feels like all you can muster is something far less becoming.
I’m sorry that you have to walk by that unfinished “guest room” every day and be reminded it was supposed to be a nursery a long time ago.
I’m sorry your relationship has been tested to the limits by everything you’ve had to endure together.
I’m sorry opening every baby shower invitation brings tears to your eyes when it should bring happiness to your heart.
I’m sorry you’ve been unable to make your parents grandparents when you know they’d be the best grandparents ever. I’m sorry you feel guilty because of it.
I’m sorry you have to watch the world go on around you when it feels like your whole world is falling apart.
I’m sorry that the emotional burden is not the only one you carry.
I’m sorry you have to put yourself into debt just to create the family you’ve always dreamed you’d have.
I’m sorry a diaper commercial can make you cry because you’ve held it together just long enough to get through the day without anyone knowing the sadness you carry.
I’m sorry you feel like your body has failed you.
I’m sorry you feel like you’re in this struggle alone.
But you’re not. I’m here with you.
The truth is, you don’t need me to tell you all the reasons why I’m sorry to be a part of this TTC sisterhood — you live it every day. You carry the same heartache and torment that I do. Right now, maybe what you need are all the reasons why I’m notsorry.
I’m not sorry you have learned to love yourself for your strength and courage. This journey is not easy, but you still get up every morning and find your inner strength even when it feels like there is none left.
I’m not sorry you have learned to be vulnerable with those whom you love. Sharing a private struggle like infertility can be terrifying, but vulnerability is not a weakness; it is heroic.
I’m not sorry this struggle will make you an even better mom someday. You have learned patience and compassion and gained a gentleness that can only be created through a heartache like this one.
I’m not sorry that your pain has helped you to find a voice to help others when they feel alone.
I’m not sorry that you’ve found the real meaning of friendship by learning to let some relationships go while growing others that are more fulfilling.
I’m not sorry you have learned how to really be there for your partner when they need you. I’m not sorry you’ve learned to let this heartache bring you closer instead of letting it tear you apart.
I’m not sorry you have had to learn how to put yourself first, placing your own needs before the needs of others.
I’m not sorry you have had to learn how to put all of your faith into something that carries no certainty, no guarantees but have learned to appreciate that there’s always a chance — always.
I’m not sorry that your infertility struggle has forced you to be grateful for all you do have in this life, and I’m not sorry that it’s taught you to appreciate the small things.
I’m not sorry that we’re all in this together.
Hundreds or even thousands of miles apart, we are all living the same story. So even if it’s just for today or even just in this moment, try not to be sorry you are a part of our sisterhood. We are some of the strongest women I know, and we’re all in this together."
Thank you to each one of you who has shown me support through our journey. Thank you for those of you who have reached out to me privately to send positive messages, reach out and share how my story has touched you and made you feel less alone. Thank you for the ladies who have gone through this before me, and been my support network along the way, and for those going through it alongside me. The support I've gotten here has helped make me feel strong enough to get through this, and have faith. Faith in friendship among strangers, faith in medical professionals, and faith in the future.
I'm filled with so much faith, love and hope today.


  1. Thinking of you this early morning! Happy vibes!!

  2. Praying for you today and sending over happy vibes! :)

  3. WOO HOO!! It's go time... so ... "leggo" ! :) (See what I did there?!)

  4. Wow so many tears reading that. Yes to alllll the above. PRAYING FOR YOU THIS MORNING FRIEND!

  5. Praying for you today!!! Hoping all goes well!

  6. Sending lots of good thoughts your way for an easy retrieval.

  7. Love the title of this post! Sending you lots of hugs and prayers today sweet friend <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Tears. This post was so beautifully written. Praying for you this morning.

  9. Just said a prayer for you! Good luck today!

  10. I have been silently following along and can't imagine all of the pain, stress, heartache, money and everything else that you have been going through. But I truly believe it will all be worth it! I have been thinking about you a lot and hope that today goes (or maybe already went) fantastic! I also love the title of your post haha

  11. Jenn, I've been praying for you nonstop for so long and I sure hope that today is finally the day that our prayers are answered. Good luck, girl. You've got this.

  12. Sending lots of prayers your way today for a smooth retrieval process!

  13. fingers and toes crossed for you girl. and love the title :)

  14. Best of luck! All my digits are crossed and I am sending vibes and juju and all those other good things!

  15. Love you so much - you're in my prayers, girl!!

  16. Praying praying praying for you guys today!!! I just know this is it!!! Sending you so much love my friend!

  17. Sending you lots of prayers - I hope everything went great today!

  18. Thinking of you!! Hope things went amazing today :)

  19. Even though this was yesterday, I hope everything went perfectly and I will be praying for you!

  20. Sending positive thoughts for you. I hope it went well yesterday!

  21. I love this title! I am thinking of you and MG! xx, I'm Fixin' To


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