WHW {#56}: Summer in Numbers

Happy What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday, and last day of August (seriously???) 
I thought it would be a fun walk down memory lane to remember my summer, and do a little Summer in Numbers post.

4-the number of getaways/vacations taken
50-the SPF worn in Greece 
30-the SPF worn at the beach back home once I got my Greecian tan
8- the number of afternoons I was able to sit on the deck and read in our zero gravity chairs

12-the number of doctor's appointments I had during August

29: the number of shots I had to take

4-the number of days that I had saganaki (flaming cheese) as part of my meal while in Greece
3-the number of business lounges that we had access to on our international flights

4-the number of mimosas I drank in Zurich's business lounge
500+-the number of Cooper cuddles I got during summer vacation
1-the number of times we went to the arcade on the boardwalk at the beach
5-the number of nights this summer that I had Rita's water ice (mint chocolate chip to be exact)
10: the number of books I read during the Summer

10, 386: the miles flown from DC to Athens and back

5: the number of beaches visited this summer (4 in Greece, 1 back home)

3-the number of blogger dates gone on (Kathleen, Christy and Stephanie)

2, 795: the number of days it felt like it was hotter than Hades outside (ok, maybe this is a sliiiiight exaggeration) :)

2: number of times I checked my work email (and I LOVE it!!!)

12: the number of friends I got to see when I went back to work

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  1. I love all the blates you were able to go on! I am with you on the number of hot days...I am hoping those crazy temps will be a distant memory in the near future!

  2. Yes, I'm with Emily--I hope the cooler weather gets here soon! Also, you are superwoman taking all of those shots! It will pay off for you one day!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Awww, what a good list. Ps. I want a blogging date with you!

  4. Love it! Such a fun summer. (And I've never had Rita's and am thinking I need to try!)

  5. Oooh all the mimosas and trips and of course Greece! Fabulous summer indeed <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. seriously what an outstanding summer! all the travel and fun times. and hello rita's - reminds me i should go get some while it's deathly hot here! bring on fall stat :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. Oh my goodness, I want that flaming cheese! Why don't we have that here?!

    Your pup is absolutely adorable. Looks a lot like my dog, Dakota! He's a bichon / peke mix.

  8. What a fun summer! Yay to blogger meet ups! :)

  9. Flaming cheese + mimosas + ritas = you are my soulmate! I hope you're feeling well and I hope yall have a wonderful rest of the week! Love ya

  10. I must try that mint dessert you posted! I've never seen anything like that- hope you're having a fabulous week! xoxo


  11. while i love the fall, i'm still loving the heat! this is by far, the BEST summer toronto has had in a long while..we had long, hot weeks and it was wonderful! i hope that doesn't translate to a long, cold winter :(

  12. Haha this is so fun! I love the SPF numbers... before and after :) And the saganaki..YESSS! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  13. Cute post! You definitely had a fun summer with lots going on!

  14. I could go for a mimosa right now. To be fair though, I could also go for cheese/ the beach/ puppy snuggles as well :P Love your recap!

  15. Minus the 29 shots and 12 appointments... looks like an amazing summer!! I do think you largely underestimated the number of Coop snuggles though ;) 500...per day?! :) xoxo, R

  16. you go girl for checking your work email only twice! it's hard to switch off sometimes. and yay for blogger meetups, how fun! i don't know what water ice is but it looks amazing! i wore 50 spf on our cruise and still got burned. ouch!

  17. Oh my gosh why is it that fried cheese is the most amazing thing ever!? And why can it not be healthy. Drooling over that picture of fried cheese!

  18. What a great idea for a blog post. It was fun to read.

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful Summer and I hope the new school year is great for you!

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

  19. Man, that Rita's looks amazing! Love this- such a fun idea!

  20. I love these numbers recaps! So cool to quantify everything like that. And girl, WHAT IS A ZERO GRAVITY CHAIR?! Do I need one??

  21. Such a fun post idea! The very best thing on this list has got to be that you only checked your work email twice. #jealous!

  22. You guys have done so many fun things this summer! I was bummed on how little deck time we got too with this crazy heat - looking forward to that this month!

  23. I love these and I always forget to do them. So much fun seeing how many times you did something!!


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